Saturday, February 23, 2008

India and China together can take charge of things on earth !!

A thought that occurred today was purely mathematical. India and China have 1/6Th of the World's population each i.e. together 2/6Th which means 1/3rd of the global population.Every 3rd person will be either a Chinese or one of ours i.e. Indian..........

Both nations have the highest growth rate and so also the highest human resources in......IT.Medicine,Nursing,Engineering,Hotel Industry,Business,Manual Labour etc.......

Both have strong Political bases and cultures.They have strong histories and powerful logic and reasoning.They have an agricultural and rural base as well as a Modern youth.The grey matter is un paralleled and grit and family orientation that is exemplary.

They accept all religions and are not extremists of any kind.Their educational base is strong and fundamentals are to be envied.If they come together....the World is theirs for the taking.....

Think people ! Give it a thought ! WHO needs any world powers? The thing is that they are sensible enough not to be extremists and selfish lot.They care about all Humans unlike many others.They do not force themselves on anyone....for they know "GOD" is not US...we are but his blessings.

I pray Good sense comes to Humanity

Friday, February 22, 2008

Humans fighting wrong battles in 2008

I am not an authority but I have my personal views. The reason why they are put in black n white is that they should be made public and discussed for their validity.
Let us know that between the day we die and the from the day we live there was never a moment that was 100% in our control and neither will be. A mall change in somthing that happened or happens can change the outcome or the following moment. Man is stubborn and all humans are different from each other ,that is why they are individaulistic.
All countries,religions,castes,languages,and so on are made by man and for that the race suffers....EGO....I,IT,WE,US,are right and all else stands to questioning.We make rules on our own and wants others to follow...Greed of power by might or wealth....Matrial things right from currency...made by man for his own doom.
The primary differences of our own Nature are refused to be understood.....Ask Desmond Morris> he will tell you about CATS and DOGS too. He tells us about humans and Human Behaviour. What does that tell you? Nature has taken care of a lot of fact ALL !!
Humans try to meddle with Nature....Cloning...a fine example !
Do we know that we humans are our own enemies. 'We grow food for animals and kill animals for our food'.
'We make weapons for own protection and kill our own selves'
'We make so many things with which we guarantee our insecurity'
OIL...what a great find.....IT surely will KILL the Economy soon !!
PLASTIC SURELY WILL STOP VEGETATIVE GROWTH and help Animals kill themselves on consumption because Humans leave it to be eaten.
Internet,Television, is very good and informative like everything the Human makes....
But 'BAD if over consumed or wrongly used'
The Fresh Air is less fresher,the seas are rougher,the winter is colder,the summer hotter still,certainty more uncertain now !!
Food if consumed well is a lifesaver , knowledge if used well is a life giver, self respect is good too not selfishness.....where are the do gooders? the Seers and the Optimists, the mature,ethical humans?
"Self introspection" is a must for the Human race today !!! Where are we going? and what are we going to give to our children and future generations? Proper knowledge,behaviour,reasoning,habits,guidance is the call of the hour...Money and Wealth are equal evils as are Drugs and Nicotine. Lead well !!
There is a lot that can be stopped.....arrest the Population growth ! Limit your requirements !
Wars are no Solutions ! Terrorism is no Human logic !
Awake and Apply.....Live by example and Serve Humanity before Nature tells you what you deserve in return of your behaviour towards IT !

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Obama an honourable adversary

I am very impressed with the performance of Barrack Obama. He is posing a strong and mature fight. I like his spirit and positivity.He is pretty sure of what he wants and hw should be a good president and also 'precedent'.The change should be in human attitude really rather than anything else.This way of choosing a candidate for the party is a really nice one....but the expenses involved are too much.I wish we had some choices like that in India.We choose only amongst those given by the paries themselves.
The media is fast and informative and quite repitative too. This year proves to be different as is the Weather this year. The Climate change is being felt, seen and heard. The awareness and actions just too late thought.Instead of being ready forit we are now fleeing.Man learns everything the hard way.When he/she is small...the elders tell not to run without being careful. Very few listen, most of them stumble,fall and bruise themselves...a little too late they learn.
Caste,colour,class,religion....all made by man and he bears the brunt ofhis mistakes but doesn't seem to understand.The issues grow as do the intrests.Complications,,,that help only the capitalist make money and perish material and human wealth.Even Lord Krishna has refused to be born help the weak against the strong...for the powerful now have no ethics.A ruthless lot.
Is progress going towards betterment of mankind ? We all ned to take a hard look. Let the good people like Obama in and 'change' for the better ! I hope the Almighty Country sets a good example to all of us ...Amen