Saturday, October 31, 2015

You can change

You can change
~ c m vairale
You can change yourself
so can you change your like and dislikes
You can change your attitude
but what if lightning strikes?
You can change your relationship
so can you change friends and enemies
You can change your habits
but what about Fate, Destiny and life's vagaries?
You can change your pace of life
so can you control stress and strain
You can change whims and fancies
but what about the quakes,fires and lashing rains?
You can change your job
so can you changes businesses and careers
You can change quality and quantity too
but what about your love ,inborn "nature" and fears?
The Human is but Genomes, dna and mind
Search the universe and you shall find
change what you wish but life unveils
which ship, which waters which banks, which sails?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Out of the Blue ~c m vairale

More than a dozen years have passed
as if it was yesterday
More than a dozen versions have changed
and it changes even today

The computer has been my friend to no end
I survive because of the internet
Self learning and teaching every interested friend
Whose friendship will never whet

Logical though it is, seems magical to me
Learning the different ways
Using and chatting ,typing on each key
Minutes seem seconds and hours consume days

Then there are chats and social groups now
the changes grow daily with interest
You meet different people from all over ..and how 
!Enjoy with your heart and let worries rest.

From the world over , but seem nearby friends
happenstance or missing contacts
A new relationship begins with all odds and ends
Messages,thoughts and exchange of dictats

Click,start and select your web link wanted
voila ! the modem comes into action
Go on check,read, like and reply undaunted
All in good faith and intention

Beware though when one opens the closet unshown
All your ware is on display
Out of the blue there may be mistakenly thrown
Secrets , tales dark and grey...

Monday, October 19, 2015


~ C M Vairale
Ask yourself
are you representing the people?
did you win their votes "rightfully"?
Are you doing justice to your election?
are you being true to your promises?
The real,genuine,faithful answer will be NO
You want fame
you want power
you want money
you want, you will never give
the real politician doesn't talk, he/she acts!!
Fooling yourself and the people
fooling the country
fooling the cause and trust laid
fooling your own destiny
Your end will show you the right result of your deeds
You use religion and public sentiment
you use falsehood to hide your deeds
you deny justice by not fighting for it
you can back stab anyone in your path
The children and spouse will never respect you ever
Politics is not a profession
it is a self elected mission
It is a commitment to social work
It is a dedication to the Nation
Filling your coffer without anything to Offer

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Learning from life's unending process

On the road completing 59 years of existence.....and I keep learning lessons.

No one is forced or by the judiciary made to learn from living. It has to be within you! Your life and destiny are all pre written. What you do forcibly with stubbornness is also included. So beware, do not try and challenge the ultimate.

I learn from life...which is a premise. Logically is a way of thought by humans, while the course destiny or fate take is everything but that!

Civil society is man made...artificial. It is an outcome of Human psychological study.All rules are manmade. Science is the principle and Human psychology is the base. All institutions and relations are conceived. A common denominator is preconceived but all things are judged in "normal' human behavioral conditions. A study by our highly experienced and knowledgeable ancestors has brought about  " A civilized society " with a set of norms and rules.

Things change and so do situations. Relevances re-arise.....contexts change and so do situations.

Acceptance of ground reality is a must and practicality should be the Human base.Life has no places for dreams....which are human wishes..they can be biased or from the semi consciousness...

What one sows reaps.Truth will always prevail and justice may be earlier denied but ultimately executed.My experience is of "pure blessings". Thanking the creator for everyday is like a person working for a "boss" and thanking  the maker for not having Kicked you out !!

If an individual does not have the capacity or intelligence to understand....then to expect things to happen all of a is sheer HOPE ! Expecting miracles is having too much of HOPE ..."all the time"

Each person is " Unique ". Making people think the way you do is foolish..... trying to make them understand is logical and sensible.....Expecting all to react according to your absolutely frustrating.

You hope... you pray you get +ve results...... that is all !!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Remembering Nana ( M A Vairale)

Nana(Dad) as we knew him
~C M Vairale

It's been twenty seven
since he went to heaven
I remember today
just like Yesterday
He died too quick
no time to perform a trick
Would he have lived a few months more
his sixtieth was just at the door
But alas time passes and heals
though your dear one's time steals
as I remember the past it feels
in front of fate and destiny one kneels.
So with sweet memories and happiness
This day I do today bless
for having given a life by dad
all the love, friends and experiences I had..

Truly Shaken

Truly Shaken
Chandrashekhar M Vairale

Switching on the Tablet
with no inkling of the news
Reading the message bullets
just made me blow the fuse
Quakes all over the North east
Like a sudden escape of a beast
Fears of all magnitudes came to mind
whether from below ,above or hind
Disaster spelling it's own alphabet
perish,hurt and death were all met
towers,buildings,avalanches all came down
Temples,Historical edifices, also of the crown
Locals ,tourists,young and old
weak,strong,meek and also the bold
Race religion and colour no bar
buses,trucks,vehicles slung afar
Out went lights,bridges and roads
Bricks,walls,roofs,poles, wooden boards
The earth behaved as if the Sky had fallen
Merry making happy faces all sullen
The tremors went on and on from below the earth
the shivers in humans souls aplenty, no dearth
Tears flowed and so did blood everywhere
People running helter skelter, here and there
May humanity rise to this Nature's fury
Go on doing all one can without query
Learning from this a lesson till death
Disaster comes unannounced with stealth
So enjoy what you have each n every moment
don't be satirical, cynical and just comment
Nature has kept you in her kind care
So enjoy,live , don't just challenge and dare.

She came thus...

She came thus...
~ C M Vairale

A surprise by my youngest
put us all to a test
I want to get married
The boy is chosen, not to be worried
Lo behold there 2 before her
An elder sister and a brother
The planets and stars say now
Or else it will be late and how
Parents meet and decide to twine
a marriage ceremony no dinner wine
Basics with minimum carbon footprint
last date available no cards to print
All and in gear the wife and daughters
Off to the market to do all that matters
How now, holy cow where is the money
so there she come driving it's not funny
A list for the purchases and making
shopping in the heat,ready for baking
But a wedding awaits who cares
to plan,shop,order time no one spares
She came thus.. many days later
the wedding of her daughter to cater
keeping the family concern alive
Or else life's lost and won't thrive.


~ C M Vairale

Why is the inquisitive one
How is the scientist speaking
When is the restless being
What is the surprised human
Which is the doubtful person
Why and when is an the eternal query
How and why a persisting doubt
When and How is always in introspect
Why and What always a mystery
Why and Which answers to reason
Instead of enjoying the answers to life
we waste our time and energy in questions
Instead of utilising what we 'have'
we while away our acumen in what we don't
One life, so little time
One self so little else
Priorities decided by the "so Sigh iety"
everything in comparison and no originality
All for a show and ego trip
one's happiness lost in other's grip
The real world never ever wandered
all in outer space is squandered
False religions,caste ,creed and Egos
Wrong ethics,morals and priority logos
The real friend and family forgotten
the forced marriage institution rotten
It should be thus, this and there
no reasons and truth stern anywhere
Love,Kindness,compassion,care gone for a toss
With all false wants and demands at a loss
Male chauvinism and humanity at a cross
Proving to the artificial manmade world ....
who is the Boss

It is tough

It is tough 
~~C M Vairale

To go against the Wave of Human habit
To dance,skip,walk and not hop like a rabbit
To not follow age old ways and rituals
To change and have modern norms for nuptials
Ages have gone by and the world moves on
Yet society wants you to follow bygone
In our caste this and our religion that
Just following blindly and copying pit pat
Are there any shoulds & musts to get married
Should one do it at any cost and n not be worried
Is the guest list binding to the parent's invite
with no compassion, care in the relative light
Spending more than required really
showing off the world,your's truly
Finances all tight and short of coming
isn't a serious simple marriage becoming
Make this, give that on their feet lay your hat
Are we not one team, both to bowl and bat?
Uncaring relatives and jealous relations
making snide remarks and muttering insinuations
The occasion is that of happiness and joy
Not that of conniving exploitation and ploy
The families grow and extend themselves
All are human ot wolves, foxes and elves
Sacred be and stay this man made institution
Not a reason to fight, die and plead execution
May the new world and new born be given hope
And not make the couple's parents difficult to cope.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Inspect,in retrospect

Inspect,in retrospect
~C M Vairale
Born a Male
has it's own tale
to enjoy,succeed and not fail
Sitting with comfort like in a rail
Male chauvinism all around
high in the air,never on ground
Right to do whatever and choose
Never afraid of a social noose
As a child you grow
later you come to know
girls are your whim n fancy
be it Anne , Mary or Nancy
As you mature so does need
enticing you in a life of greed
Coming of age you want satisfaction
Thinking of ways to relieve one's tension
Society has a proper institution
Avoiding the road to prostitution
Marriage is the vehicle of carriage
Legal for the weak,strong or average
Choose a girl of your choice to mate
Whether you love, like or hate
Both tied in the social bonding
the road unknown ,high,low or winding
Doesn't the girl have a choice
Why be tied in by a parental vice
Like the man she too would want a virgin
Not like a car in 'no entry' to barge in
Having that thought in mind always
I never let my mind travel it's ways
A rude shock though awaited
when my own partner was baited
Surely no poetic justice was made
Should have I in my life have strayed?
Life can be rude and so can society
Which has no love ,consideration or pity
How can the human lure with vice
in to greed,money,wealth and avarice?
Is there no human without easy virtue
leading this life, proving to be true?
Many a Man and Woman self centred
Spoil the social fabric torn and ruptured
Compassion,Empathy,Consideration unseen
Not bothered,daunted, selfish and Mean.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Writing a letter....a waning habit.

Looking back a lot has changed and continues to at a deadly pace.

A simple thing like communication by letters.Gone are those days of a Postcard,Inland letter and more so the International Mail letter (Aerogramme).

I remember being a Letter-In-charge in my school SSPMS Pune. All boarders were supposed to write at least one letter every week.It was to be collected ,noted and shown to the Principal. If one did not do so,he would be questioned. Good habits were inculcated by parents and in school.Gone are those days when one is taught the right things ,especially by example.Surely, electronics is the culprit for many a thing and for it's influence on human life and living.

I would love to pen my thoughts in letters.I also would dream of better pens,inks and nibs to write.Possession of a classy pen would be a treasure.Pages and pages flowed as I wrote due to the streaming flow of thoughts.In fact, in search of more friends to write to ,I joined the IYS (International Youth Society) and made friends (Pen Pals). I had a long time Pen pal from the year 1972 who wrote back till the year 2000.Why so suddenly the letters stopped has been a mystery.I did try to get her on the Internet but alas.She was from Tasmania.

Making use of a medium for the right(write) purpose is important.Snail mail as it is called has it's own charm and personal touch.I miss this but have settled down to blogs and internet writings.Having made quite  few social groups, the satisfaction of a letter to and from a friend is still missed out on.

Things one cannot express by voice can be very well described by words on paper.The paper also serve to b a living document and a proof that can be passed on well into history.A letter can be read and reread without electric power.I can be carried along as reassurance.It can explain a lot of detail without fear or shame.The written word,promise,accolade etc... is 'Priceless'

I would never stop writing if I could but typing isn't my forte' and too much can be

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Could the Media Be more responsible to Make a Better Society

I will enter my 60th year soon this year....

I have grow up from a 'Chawl' in a town with a Municipal council in the Berar region of Vidarbha.
Now Values and Culture are too big words for my understanding.I have my own thoughts about LIfe Living and Livelihood.

I consider myself blessed to have been born to such parents,,,and I am sure many are too.
I believe in 'destiny and fate'.I believe there is some power call it what you may...He She It....

I have too many things in my life so presented that I can't call them coincidences !!!

I belong to one of those generations in which we have seen the MOST possible....From foot,carts,cars to Jets and Rockets. From sent humans messages ,letters,telegrams to mobile ,satellite phones to Ipods.

The change is beyond imagination and real! I can't deny the growth of human achievement. Alongwith the values of Technology and Material importance created by the human.

I am also very sad to see the other side of the coin .....Man is growing and care seem to lose value and importance. The wanting is more than Need and the Desire is more than contentment.

True Life values are losing their importance and existence..... The machine is taking over Man.

Show is blinding reality... falsity and superficiality is eclipsing genuine Purity.

Everything is in terms of Business..... What will you get ? If you do this ? then Why? The Word is losing it's power...Assurance is no Insurance today!

Money is taken away from us by False promises, dreams and Imaginative possibilities. Time is wasted along with energy and Wealth in pursuance of Capitalistic fibs and lies. An eyewash and entry into the world of Stress and Agony.

True so called Values and Culture is not at all Shown and publicised by ALL Media. Grabbing money from the common man's pocket is it's biggest crime.

Media is the fourth estate and has an important part to play in this modern world of communication.

Please ask your conscience and be more Responsible...... Print , Audio, Video, Internet... all media please delve in your hearts and souls.....

Think of King Ashoka who had it all and then realised....... are you waiting for doom?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Swami Vikasananda Smrutibimb (Reflections of Memories)

Vikas Ashram Nagpur..... memories of Swami Vikasananda......always remembered and cherished......

Life is Lost in Living
Living is Lost in Livelihood

~ Swami Vikasananda

 His seat of loving reception at Vikas Ashram...Nagpur.

His words in Shripad Ashram , Gwarighat,Jabalpur
On the banks of the Narmada....


  1. .Jai Shree Gurudev Dutta

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Just a Viewpoint..... Friends..
Man made society and then later it's different constituents..
Charles Darwin and other Social Scientists had "Practical Theories"
The human or any animal that procreates needs a mate just like- Food for hunger, Water for thirst, so also a mate for sex...
So ,therefore:-" Might is Right" was Nature's way of survival and many an individual was deprived of a mate......
An institution called marriage was constituted
Now.. all this is 'under the garb of civilisation' a forced act.
Taking advantage of this...the MCPs take this to their convenience and then are born... words like Duty,Adultery,Blasphemy etc....
If an individual Male or Female doesn't get their "need" food or water...and sex what does one do?
Each individual has "A Choice" which he/she call MY CHOICE....
Sex is just one part of many choices but it is the one which most disturbs the MALE EGO ....
I Rest my case..

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shattered hopes,Tattered future

Till today I was fighting with' all' ,with 'hope',with a possible dream.On the day of "Ramnavmi" Truth was unveiled.

Man is the same everywhere on this earth. His lust for Power and Fame defeats his creation by the Creator He,She or It for a sensible caretaker of this Planet Earth.

Politics is an evil for sure. I was born in 'Politics' My father rose from the grassroots of a freedom fighter  to slave for his Motherland. But alas! The System saw him finish himself as he could not survive the "game''.

A hope was created foe the Indian citizens by Anna and I saw it the same way. I watched the drama unfold and stayed stern with an ardent wish of success in beating'' the old system ''. Today I feel let down very badly...

As I curse the ones who take pride in their possession of power by Falsehood,Lure and Blatant lies I promise not to look there again as the end is neither near or a possibility in the distant future..

India is an unfortunate country and more so the dutiful citizens ,farmers and common folk.There is little hope for Truth,Empathy,genuine care and help in the "real' development.The Poor and rich divide will surely rise and the middle class will soon ebb and vanish...

All philosophy fails and all reasoning commits suicide. Ethics is a fancy word and The Mafia rules...In all fields of civil(ha ha) society. This place is not good for a Human....

Sunday, March 15, 2015

My trip with Kiran

An email took me by surprise. A planned trip along with my sister and her husband was on the cards. Asking for my Passport details they had given me one of the most loving of invites. Knowing about their annual well deserved holidays the places to be visited didn't surprise me. I had this feeling of awesomeness and excitement.

My Mother softly informed me about a discussion with her daughter, my only sibling, her eagerness to see me have a vacation. They had endearingly colluded this idea. I was sure of "the time of my life" I was going to have.  Clues from their past holidays guaranteed my conviction.

Myanmar it was to be, followed up by Andaman Islands. Blood rushed within and I was off collecting the requirements.  I knew my passport was okay and valid. So, first the positive feedback to Kiran's mail.

Having accepted her 2 week invite she reminded me that I had told her about my ability to leave our dear Mother in the care of grown up children.

What all would I need? Aai as usual prodding me to go buy some 'proper' stuff for myself. She always wished as did my sister, that I enjoyed a deservedly good life for myself. I would be 60yrs old in 2016 and it was high time. I accepted that I took this offer with love and blessings.

Anticipation grew and with more reassurance from Kiran and Fahd on their short trip in december 2014; I decided I would not dream and wish too much as always and accept with grace the "present".

Words and expressions fall short and my vocabulary goes hazy if I try and describe the anticipated relaxing furlough.

As I return from Kolkata (a whirlwind trip) tiring ,mentally as well as physically,excitedly going through all chores to be done at home.I try to ease Aai of any difficulties or complications in my absence.

While I plan my trip to Mumbai, transferring clothes for the Journey,I realise this is going to be my first tour away from home...all by myself.

Having forgotten all previous travel requirements from my last trip in 2007 to Uganda, I am getting ready for flying to Bangkok and onwards to Yangon all alone.

The Day dawns as Naina my youngest,drops me to the Airport wishing me luck.Welcomed by Jet Airways I am seated near the window next to a media person who is taking her widowed mother for a holiday.Silently I wish, I would myself have loved to make a similar gesture towards Aai. No sooner we take off,the incessant wailing of a child with unsuccessful reassuring parents give a  tough time to the hostesses who were facing ired upper class passengers.The trip seems to have started in earnest.

The view from the flight to Bangkok is amazing as I explain to my co passenger,who hasn't realised the time difference in departure and arrival. Happily,adjusting her watch,enquires about my tourist experiences..which are so poor.. I accept humbly, but  do tip her about some things she could look into during her stay ahead.

The well planned layouts of the Industries and Residences impress me a lot and the amount of greenery I see from my window that is retained makes me smile.The Bangkok"Suvarnabhumi" airport lives up to it's reputation of planning and ambiance set aglow...'The Golden Land'.With much time between connecting flights,I plan to take a close look at as many aspects I can. A surprised mention of my name at Bangkok airport springs a sister is searching for a white haired Indian.She is in another terminal but sees my flight on the display sign.So her hope and my inquisitiveness get us together before we could meet in Yangon.I am suddenly reassured and at trip had begun well.

So now in the Thai Airways plane on the final lap and a cry from an infant on take off...ascertains  that young babies are disturbed by the change in altitude,pressure and high pitched reverberations.Luckily the child has intelligent parents and he is reassured to silence.Engaged in food and enthusiasm of the sights from the window, I do not realise we have landed in Myanmar..the first stage of my trip.

The guide welcomes me with a garland of chrysanthemums and gifts me a colourful, traditional shoulder bag (just like a "shabnam"as called in Pune).       A happy chauffeur who accompanies him drops me to my hotel ..Belmond Residency or also known as The Governor's Residency.A beaming sister and Brother-in-law welcome me as the hotel staff greet me with have a happy stay chant...all the pieces fall in place.

Never having actually stayed in such a hotel and experienced "the works",I am overawed by what Kiran and Fahd have arranged.I feel humbly blessed and loved...I am on a "trip".

We meet our sweet guide 'Meh'.A hard working conscientious girl,trying to take care of her widowed mother.My second example of responsible children in 2 days.I found her immature and ill informed,who should have taken up another profession...but alas! fate!!..each on his own trip.

Pagodas and Temples....humans with 'faith', anointing themselves with the grounded bark of a medicinal tree 'Thanaka'.. 
The land of Buddha and his followers. Osho always quoted Buddha.Probably Buddhi,meaning knowledge was 'his' terrain.Taking your thoughts away from disturbance,distortion and disillusionment to peace,silence and tranquility.Another trip.....

Tasting Myanmar traditional food and sweets,we never left any table empty of dishes tried and tasted.Veg,Non Veg.,salads,sauces,drinks hot or cold.Another savouring trip....a salute to the palate.

The Yangon city character was years behind progress and the traffic was immense,The 'progress' was 'concrete' in shape of Buildings,roads,commercial structures.Toyota ruled the roads.The Longyi (Lungi in hindi)  was a traditional wear, obstructing the progressive look on men and women in all public and government places.Culture had an upper hand and pious knocks on the bells with wooden gongs took us on a holy trip...

Hopping flights gave me subtle touches of sounds and smell.Reeking co passengers to whiffs from airplane toilets. A few takeoff jitters and packaged desserts and breads. Missing basic airport procedures and  their upsetting arrangements...but then that's another trip....

Bagan was an example of misuse of power.Meddling with heritage and commercialisation of rule.Man eats man,cares two hoots towards history and posterity.The hot air balloons are a once in a lifetime experience for those who value .. I didn't..An elaborate luxurious and overwhelming experience at Auruem...a hotel over rated but amidst awkward trip..

Flying to Ngapali and back to Yangon was a game of touch and go.Small planes, taking different routes.The beach and resort were most impressive.Amara felt like 'Hamara' destination. Nice people,nice food,nice vibrations ..a truly refreshing trip..

A drive to the fishing village and a quick tour by car gave us a 'glimpse' of clean charming Goa of yesteryears minus the Portuguese architecture.

The sum up was a bit of a put off. A delayed flight to Yangon and a trying experience to Kolkata made me pensively ask...''Wh'air' India''? are we on a trip? Let the bad experiences go 

And The Man..... here we come!! Port Blair.We Have Luck and are bare foot and bare 'soul'ed

The flight to Port Blair was a remarkable one. Spiced up by Spice jet as they had nothing to offer their passengers except refunds or apologies.. and the uncivilized blaring by a sindhi group of friends who sat a few seats behind me.They talked loudly and least bothered about other fellow passengers or without etiquette  in general.Ultimately an airhostess had to request them to pipe down.

The immigration is quite a bother for the OCI or foreign passport holders.The boat cruise was of no great talk but our ride from the Havelock Jetty to Barefoot resort ,shook us up! We were with a Formula F1 driver in his Sumo...a trip never ,for any tourist..... The final stage was a bit short of a trip to 'peace and paradise on the planet'...a barefoot trip..

A place without modern means of communication and a neat clean beach.Wooden accommodation with rustic looks.Strict and neat with wonderful people in charge.Near the Sea but away,in the woods but secure.The final 3 day resting abode...a chill trip

Singing in the Karaoke evening get together,making acquaintances, I was back in my original role of a PR, socialising with fellow tourists.The Island isn't crowded and cars are sparse.So only Coconuts and Accra nuts aplenty...having a sane trip..

A Shiv Mandir at the far end of the beach was a reassuring sign.A Radha Krishna Mandir too nearby, but then...In Radhanagar,barefoot...Krishna without a Radha took away the enchantment and the lure of a visit with the blessings of Shiva alone, I make a trip back...without a companion..but with loving and blessed company.

...A trip with Kiran.