Monday, March 31, 2008

old age,environment,modern progress,new economy

A mixed bag of thoughts! certainly.52 isn't too old, but certainly it brings in another kind of outlook towards life.Thoughts do wander and make one think even though one is young at heart.The physical backup does falter though.
Environment sure has to be a big bother.I am into renewable energy for the last 7 years and surely envision a terrible future if we do not stop plundering Nature and misusing it for our immediate benefit.A chill runs up my spine to think of what could be!!
Progress or Regress....I stop and think.Are we going towards a good future or are we digging our own grave.Making materials that will last long and not deteriorate back to nature.Having a population with all bad habits? Making night during the day and vice versa.Growing food for animals and then devouring them to beckon the rise of heart and sugar related health problems to be solved by allopathic medicine? Making"life" easy by remote and putting on weight to be reduced by 'Paid' exercise in health clubs with personal trainers and dietitians? Cars that make an oil dependant economy?machines replacing man?computers replacing the use of our brain?
Money,Wealth,Gold,Oil etc........where is the value of Man and Humanity.Where has commune living and Barter gone.Where is the Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest?
Is it going to be "the survival of the Richest"? Is power going to be an arms race? Is Goodness going to the dogs ? Ethics+convenience?
Humanity needs to ponder.....for every Dog will see his Death !!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama wakes up America !!!

I wish more politicians are as mature and as sensible as young Obama is. He is tackling issues of high sensitivity head on and needs to be praised for his approach.Taking the U S of A straight on is a great sight.He is making History....Believe me !

The fight between mean,small,narrow minded views should be the larger nationalistic and humanistic ones will always go on. It is not possible to deal with the extremists and the conservatives all at once.When it comes to Democratic views....this matter should be resolved more easily.The greater and Larger interests of a Country should not have this petty bickering.

The media is much to be blamed.It is repeatedly rubbing the wrong people the wrong way. It has a lot of onus to take.It is not acting responsibly.I feel showing bits and pieces of a 'whole' is dangerous and can incite the wrong feelings and thoughts.It needs to be made more answerable.

Wake up educated,sensible,responsible,humans!! It is time for an uprising towards truth and reality of the Creator. He has made all alike and loves all as his own children.Destiny and Fate though are a part of each individuals story.Man is responsible for all the creations of,caste,religion,race,etc....The physical qualities of man are due to Geographical and Genetic compositions.Don't add unnecessary complications to a society that needs to live in peace and harmony!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Global warming a global warning !

It is so necessary to teach about environment , it's use and misuse in all schools at all levels.I think it must be as cumpulsory; just like the food we eat and the water we drink is for our body and it's fitness and survival.
There are so many people and so many campaigns one of which is in the link given below..

I think mankind should open it's eyes and learn from nature and live accordingly.Life is so simple....why is mankind making it difficult for itself?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

India's Youth are a power to reckon with-Proof is Their Win Over Australia and Under 19 World Cup

The attitude and commitment shows it all !! This is proof that Indian youth can be the best in any field.They need support.The Government should wake up !A country of 1/6th the world population and ....No Gold medals yet in the Olympics?
We do not have the poor and undernourished lot like that of the 1950's and '60s....There is plenty of modernisation and growth. They politicians and planners give very little by way of support and importance to fulfill the need of sports in India. It is a sector that has little importance in schools and colleges too. Healthy Body and Mind is the Magic !!!
Look at the recent achievement in international sports. Why do they have to depend on Private Money and Moral Support?? The Government has to have a proper they are now having for infrastructure. Importance should be given to proper coaches,equipment,facilities and above all...a Respectful Place.An achievement in any field is as IMPORTANT and WORTHY as any.
Is education only leading us to degrees and desk jobs and foreign pay packets?...spending it on Material goods through plastic Cards...and eating Junk Food ???Isn't health and Sports Important?? It should be a priority....Compulsory NCC,Sports,Activities that are physical...excursions,Hiking,Mountaineering,Workout places, Jogging parks.....and so on.
Wake up India and Look towards our future....The INDIAN YOUTH !!
Congratulations to the Indian Cricket Teams...Both the seniors and the Under 19.