Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sadguru, Times Music Music CD

Finally My work is being inaugurated is a copy of the Invite for people who follow my blog..
Launching of II SADGURU II Music CD on 26th February 2009.
Marketed and Distributed by TIMES MUSIC II SADGURU II Music CD will be inaugurated by
Honourable Shri Adarsh Gupta Chief Operating Officer of Times Music, the famous exponent of literature Shri Vishwanath Sachdev, MLA Shri Subhash Desai, MLA Shri Govardhan Sharma (Akola), popular singer Shri Sudesh Bhosale will grace the occasion.
You are cordially invited to the inauguration of the Music CD by:-
ANAND MODAK (Music Director)
Prof. N D CHOTIA (Lyricist)

Special Hosts: Milind Dumre’, Rajesh Mishra, Dilip Gosal
Organizers: - Vinayak Zagade’, President, OM Mitra Mandal, Malad West, Chincholi Phata, Mumbai.

Venue and Time
Between 5pm to 7pm, at
Govind Dalvi Auditorium
A B Goregaonkar English School
Near Petrol Pump, Opposite Filmistan Studios,
Besides Amba Mata Mandir (off S V Road),
Goregaon (W) Mumbai 400062

Mr. Sachdev posseses more than four decades of experience in journalism. For the past thirty-eight years he has been working with 'Times of India', of which fifteen years have been as the 'Chief Editor' of 'Navbharat Times'. He has done his masters degree from Jaipur University, and a diploma in journalism from Nagpur University.
All the people who have associated with this CD have to be thanked by me for making this venture a success...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Women in India answer self proclaimed Moral Judges

It was high time the Indian woman gave their opinion about culture,morals & ethics to the self proclaimed Individuals,Groups,Social/Political parties....etc...

The answer was in the colour Pink.

Unlike all the political and Socially used colours.

All know that the mass psychology has been manipulated with by many a group to garner sentiment towards thier "Interest/s"

RED stood for Revolution,Communism,Strong Redblooded eyes who were fighting for equal rights.

GREEN always stood for 'LIFE'...Vegetation that had to have water by it's side.All this so important in the Desert where you have only Yellow sands below and all around and the blue sy with the scorching Sun.

BLUE is the freedom of the sky for the Republican mood of living.Cool and soothing.

ORANGE is for the setting sun but more so for "The Rising Sun"...Hope,new life,Blessings of the creator...Sanctification from the Black Darkness of the the Light of knowledge...

BLACK is for evil, darkness, eerie, deplorable, falsehood, unofficial etc...

WHITE stands for purity,virginity, peace, innocence, ignorance, truth.

Does any colour belong to anyone? we allocate colours with a meaning and associate it with some particular process.Human psychology plays a great part in all these things mentioned earlier....




Action,colour, reaction,freedom

Moral or amoral...

The prime rule/principle of the Universe is Unity in Diversity (Co--existence)...but Man doesn't seem to follow it.All those Scientists,Historians and so on have had so many theories and answers which all go to show that there is nothing that can be commonly applied to human thought.Iit is only the supposition of majority based opinion. The chances seem greater because the majority leans on a particulae side. So it is due to Positive thinking process that we take the premise but may apply it negatively ....this is where they have a wrong premise.
Hypothetical thought and Presumtion both can be fallacies.Logic is majority based but not necessarily true.
e.g. > God is Love, Love is Blind...therefore God is Blind....a wrong conclusion.

Why doesn't man use his thought and energy for constructive things? The more he puts effort in more controversial and negative thought the more importance he is giving to it and making it known to even those who are ignorant.....Now everyone is inquisitive to find out about Valentines Day...

There are countries who do not allow news of drugs to be printed by the press.This is to curb the knowledge of it's use and availability by more people....which is an excellent step..Unlike what we see on television where they show how it is used/abused,who sells it,where to procure it and educate and inform even the ignorant and make them inquisitive enough to find our more about it.Would not they have been better with it being kept away from these people's knowledge?

Women have as much of a right to all that men have.Who are we to become judges of this?
Equality is one of the prime principles in Nature...Ability is another thing though. these are often confused.Ask a medical person what men can't do that women can and men will be thinking seriously.(not to mention pregnancy) A male Chauvinistic approach in life has made society do what they do. open minded and broad thinking is lacking, more so because of illiteracy and ignorance.

I also believe that literacy can be enough to bring about common sense or broadminded thought and vision.There are too many illiterate or less literate people who have been wise and visionary.Genius is an unexplainable phenomenon.

All fields have women proving themselves in nearly all places around the world.It is time society takes note and stops becoming a hypocrite.I am trying to force anything on anyone for it is not possible and is against the law of nature.Capability,ability,success,possibility....are all words that spell 'HOPE'. The main stay of human future.The elixir so to say!...

I applaud and appreciate the stand women have taken and hope that proper thought be applied to any action before it is taken by anyone in society.Law and law protectors have to be given the proper vision too.I pray that "good sense come to all those concerned".

The economy is at stake, the social justice system too is endangered, the fear factor in one's own country is a terrible thought, the businesses which rely on people whose hearts are full of love and compassion will greatly suffer, hatred will be on the increase, enemity due to narrow mindedness may reach a high, frustrations of people will come to the fore...all this has to be avoided at any costs..

India should not be a country of distaste, rather we should set examples to be followed by the world.Women have a UNIQUE place in this culture.We have the maximum number of Goddesses in the entire world because we respect 'women'. Mother,Wife,Sister,Grandmother,Aunt....then why not FRIEND? I suggest the women take up the cause of putting sense into society....