Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reality...TV, an open peek into other lives

I am pretty sure that Television is a great tool to educate and reach out.I am but apprehensive that is is being used properly.
it is being put to a lot of MISUSE
and a lot of M/S use too

The loss of invaluable TIME
The loss of Loads of Money
The Loss of a lot of Energy
The Loss of this in valuable audio-visual medium.
The misuse of human talent
The misuse of opportunity
The misuse of resources
The misuse of Liberty of Expression

The Miss and Mrs. unnecessarily used or exploited is also not proves he is an MCP.

Technology is not bad, it is it's utilization that is bothersome.
Man has a lot of resources given by NATURE...but does he put them to 'Good' use?
Ethics,Morals lacking and the human finds himself worse off than an animal in the wild.

The internet..a great tool !! but look at the rubbish that it is used for..
Making weapons
Killing humankind
Hate and insults
Ego trips
Rumour mongering
Child usurpation
all the wrong reasons....

So it is with all that man invents...
it is time Nature takes over and the balance of overpopulation is met by providential destruction.

I have feeling that man and his made religion will self destruct due to fanaticism.
What goes up will come down...Action and reaction are equal and opposite....will hold true.

TV was made for a good purpose and entertainment has to have parameters.When will we understand.
Money was made for our convenience ... look what we have done with it?
man/woman is ready to do almost anything possible to have wealth....does nature teach you this?
A look into the past will tell you...
man needs very little to live in harmony and peace...Nature provides for everything...

TV is man made and only increases other needs of man..

When will man be able to invent something which is self dependent and self providing:- like NATURE