Wednesday, December 24, 2008

EONS a revelation

I happened to come across a group/community on the has come as a big and happy surprise..i have made NEW friends and such beautiful souls have come in my contact that I am absolutely thrilled and Thank the LORD for this wonderful Christmas Present...
Humans are there all over the world....but some are special and can meet you in any way with any reason....the have met the RIGHT people is simply Designated Fate....i.e. Destiny.
Today it may come to me as a revelation...but actually it was pre -written and makes God laugh by telling him his future plans...but then realises he knows nothing...
Life is a BLINDFOLD.....
Starts with B...Birth and ends in D...Death
In between these two is an unknown period called LIFE...of which we know nothing...
EONS reconfirmed this....
I am friends across the Globe now without moving out of my seat....what a Revelation...
man unfortunately doesn't USE all his Inventions(so called) to all GOOD....he loses his way...and digs his/her own grave.....
All the newly founds....put to wrong use....just proving Time and is also a Animal...basically
When will he rise beyond this?.....Eons is a way to Find out....
Thank You Eons Friends....and Family...NOW

Saturday, November 22, 2008

''Amte" Baba,Vikas,Prakash, Sadhana,Bharati,Mandakini...

"Amté"(Aamtay) {difficult to pronounce properly without proper Phoenetic markings}...Is A a name synonymous to "MOVEMENT" far as I am concerned, my observations have been that ,'each' of the dedicated soul that works at "any" of the Locations of the Maharogi Seva Samiti namely:
> Anandwan
> Hemalkasa
> Somnath
> Mul Gavhan(Zari) Dist Yawatmal
> Ashokwan( Nagpur)
> Nagepalli etc.. is a part and parcel of the 'SOUL"of the MOVEMENT.
The awards given to Baba/Prakash/Mandakini.....are really those given to each and every person who is dedicatedly attached with the same 'missionary zeal'. I have seen it in each of them...whether it maybe The Driver of The Samiti's Car/Ambulanc/Bus....or the helper who aids in putting up a building in the premises,making food at the mess,selling effects made by their varied institutions or the person who keeps accounts or a member of the Anandwan orchestra...each is as responsible,dedicated and valuable as the other...
Vikas Amté and Dr Bharati Amte along with so many old war horses who run the challenging show may not be named or awarded by individual name...and this they do not mind , as long as 'Baba's goal is achieved. Humans are funny to focus on to a particular person who been given individual credit....but what they forget is the the 'Base'built since so many years of hardship and perseverance stands to commended,alongwith all involved. The network and the many hands that aid to complete the entire picture which when ready looks so beautiful...internally and visually is to be applauded.
Destiny and fate has it...Some become famous and some work behind the 'Curtain' so to speak..All do not get the limelite...but all deserve due credit and acknowledgement
....I wish if 'all those who wanted to commend this Giant effort, call on any representative of the Maharogi Sewa Samiti to Honour it'. I feel saddened that by calling only a few Famous ones amongst all for the so called 'appreciation' and try and put themselves in light. Little do they know that Much more and bigger things have been done by people who really wanted to do their bit and not for publicity or show...Trying to gain a philanthrophical name under the shadow of someone else's quite a shame."Do you look after those needy at home, to make a name?"

I write this for those souls who at whatever level do their bit with such great sincerity and are never acknowledged.The best part is even those who are so publicly commended are all so shy of what people say or do...but they have their hands full of the chief job of running so many instituions and all for "those needy, ill fated, social discards but hopeful fellow humans" who want to live a life of equal opportunity and self respect.

Enjoy everyone can....but, give this life for ' fellow humans with poverty of luck and opportunity' is no mean task!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Obama..After a big Drama!

I realised i haven't put in my views for some time now...
it has been a mixed bag..A lot of bad blood still being spilt by Humanity...The bombings and killing won't stop and neither will the calamities...Only helping Humanity to dig it's grave deeper and faster..
Bad actions and words being exchanged in a Holy and all embracing known Land like being fed with venom and bias...Sad!
'An ill fought and much left to Substance'Election...but with a wonderful result...for it will stand for "change"in a lot of ways all over the World's Citizens...A victory of Man's Wrath for Skin colour superiority or faor that matter caste n creed..
Economics brings again to the fore man's greed and shrewd and conniving ways to gather selfishly without thinking of Humankind at large..
MONEY has again proved to be one of the biggest evils produced by man...Mental Wealth and intelligencs has lost to bank Balances and power by wealth!
A fear me > "what will be?'' Que Cera Cera....Sera what END?

So I go on with my duty,Work, occupying my mind so that it doesn't become the Devil's Workshop..Hope it is noticed...All will it be lost in the WORLD POLLUTION?

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Pride of Humanity lies in Maharashtra- Prakash and Mandakini Amte

Again and again in history

Some special people wake up

They have no ground in the crowd

They move to broader laws

They carry strange customs with them

and demand room for bold audacious actions

The future speaks ruthlessly through them

They change the world

A poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, quoted by Mr M S Swaminathan in the preface written to "Samidha"the biography translated in English by Professor Shobha Pawar.

No award is higher than the smile on the face that brings back the confidence and self esteem of a human who is all at Nature's mercy due to the missing love and support of his brethren.To serve is to do your duty,to share is a humans basic ethical principle.Of course when you do your duty their is reciprocal feeling and action.This keeps the human cycle going ...not material returns!!
We are God's creations and so is all that surrounds us in Nature.To care for this surrounding and to make it a pleasing experience for all is man's basic right.Both these(Right & Duty) go hand in hand.All humans are equal in the eyes of God.There is no one dearer or undeserving.To follow this basic is worship of the almighty and not show.Wearing holy clothes???whats that?..Ringing chimes and blaring praise is but show and an act to attract attention to prove your false reverence.To serve HIS creations is worship of the highest order."Work is Worship".Work is doing ''Duty"of serving your own creed as well as all living beings who live along with in
Harmony. To care for nature,it's plants,flowers and fruits...the animals who help us protect the environment.All those who need help...from plants seeds to humans...all have a basic right survive healthily.
When will we keep ourselves from false ego and false need? When will we be with Nature and not slaves to Artificial , materialistic products that lure you from a ''Proper"life. There is always a chance of failing to live up to unnatural support of Living.Man digs his own grave...he makes his own world and then falls prey to it's habit like an addiction and so spends all his life digging his own grave.He never reaches the "paradise" he hopes to ...dreaming with eyes half shut..

Here is a couple who serve those in this present times are deprived of a simple healthy life with food and education.Our own Human creed...our brothers and sisters...not having simple basic means....Lost in the crowd of Humanity...Why are we blind to all this??Have we sold our souls? Do we have no Compassion?What if we were one of them? have we considered in different perspectives? Can't we help them get Justice? How can man just throw away and disregard his/her duty to serve his OWN kind?....Surely the Alive aren't DEAD!!!!! or are we living corpses?
Wake up and value what we have been given..Learn to serve....Not all are as lucky to get a good life like yours.
Make a place for yourself, move away from the ordinary,pick up your special talent and stop being selfish!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Humans, or Ants and insects?

Watching news on TV a chill goes up my spine and I start wondering wether our feelings are finally dead? Have we become into thick skinned,heart hearted,emotionless,living organisms? The value for life and especially fellow Humans has greatly reduced. They now seem to me that they are no more than Ants or Insects......available in plenty and helpless.
Have we become God's worst creations? Do we deserve to get all that we have?
I fear....we are losing our way and digging our graves and following the road to doom!!!
Fellow Humans ! Show your inner strength and for heaven's sake use youe brains! I pray to God that Good sense comes to humanity at large.........

Monday, September 1, 2008


Too much is happening around me, but not so much about myself. The Olympics proved a lot of points and showed the world that there are a lot of competitors to be reckoned with.There is competition and challenge at every step.But I wonder if the Human understands......
Gustav and Katrina are still not enough to show man his dependency on fate and destiny.A new record, a new name...every year new never stops.....yet !!! the human has his own calculations.
Nature,Experience are there to tech but we will not learn.Is stubbornness our basic character?Don't we believe in another power but ourselves?Should we not give any value to previous warnings?Are we an adamant lot?Is our education misleading us to inflate our EGO?
The African American is now an honourable person......President or not.The women have proven equality beyond doubt about performance in all Fields.Yet I feel that the femininity of a woman has to be preserved and so also the manliness of man.
Corruption,Deceit,Misuse of power,and all the wrong logic,ideas,thinking, an inborn thing but those who have the good sense should have the courage to tell them and oppose their actions !!Illogical hunger for having,wanting,snatching,etc....greed of all kinds is surely very wrong and it should be curbed,stopped,dealt with!!!!!
We are HUMANS not Animals!!!
Why are not we behaving well and proper, why is our restraint wanting? why is our ethics going bad? why is our duty failing?Why are we such an irresponsible lot?

Monday, August 11, 2008

India finally strikes Individual Gold!

It was not even 24 hrs after my earlier post that Abhinav Bindra disproved or proved my point and contention. He has given India it's first Individual Gold ever and by which he has done what was most needed by so many Indians.Lead by Example !!

The generations to come will now have their Own National Idol.The government will have hopefully take more serious interest in sports in particular and it's promotion as a subject in schools and college.The Media will now lay stress on Individual Talent and Capacities for social support towards the pride of the Nation.Parents will have more incentive to make their child a winner if he possesses the talent!Health will now be a bigger issue for physical fitness and achievement in sports!

I hope Abhinav(Unique) is now not merely a name given to new borns but an Idol of achievement for growing kids. I hope he is a lesson to all educationists , Principals of schools and colleges ,Leaders of all organisations and institutions to give Individual sports talent it's due and worthy place with their full backing and support.

This Proud moment has given me drive and motivation for further achievement in my own field and fight with readiness of an International competition.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More than full marks to China

This is the way one can put all arguments and misconceptions to rest!!!...CHINA has done it with a finesse! The opening ceremony of the Olympics.....was really an eye opener for one and all who watched it.
I was .....all the adjectives in the dictionary! Dumbfounded and with tears of joy while I watched with AMAZEMENT. What the people present saw was really making me jealous to no extent.Lucky people who could see it live,in person,without media in between.I was simply envious.In fact even people with a broad mind and heart would too!!!!
I salute that country! I have friends who have been there and those who made me feel I should have a visit too! I also appreciate the "'ONE RELIGION'''' or even No religion environment!Work & progress,go together.Focus,corruption free atmosphere,single window clearance and infrastructural support lead to making of a Nation with an Ideal!!
When will we learn?The world's second largest country with a sad Olympics record, low level accredition in behaviour,cleanliness,tourist safety,sad infrastructure ,having a high corruption record, high pollution and safety record, and so much more....I do accept we do have good things but what about our shortcomings????
A parallel economy in Undeclared wealth, religious sector with it's various celebrations,mafia & bollywood films,political underhand dealings......and many more.I doubt India will even come near to the Chinese progress or economy.If it does.....I will be the happiest person on this globe.

The only country with the longest and largest communist idealism.I must say needs a bow!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Celebrating Aai's(Mother's) Birthday

7o years of love,care,service and sacrifice.My mother, not because she's mine.....has seen it all.
Since childhood, i have been a witness to all kinds of emotions this humble soul has endured and experienced.I remember things as far as 47 years ago. All those experiences are now far behind and here I see a woman who is finally a soul ,doing things as it would like to and enjoying seeing the family grow.It was my younger sister's idea that we give her a surprise and celebrate her 70th birthday.
It gave me a great chance to call close and dear friend with their families that I have gathered in the last 8 years of my stay in Pune. Life has been very benevolent.I have collected all those souls who are mutually comfortable,compassionate,caring. a family much closer and dearer than the one that comes along with your birth and marriage.Wonderful people who make you feel that 'LIFE' has been very worthwhile and that you are wanted,loved and cared for.
I have had this wonderful opportunity to see those who love and care for my Mother with such warmth and respect...thanks to my dear sister Kiran. In fact Kiran,Fahd and their son Asad all have been real darlings having come all the way to give Mom a nice and happy surprise.Their visit fills my Mom's heart with such excitement and love that she is overwhelmed and consumes much more oxygen during their stay than during her normal days.I could see her uncontrollable surprise and sheer exhaustion due to breathless amazement when they all walked in the house ,unannounced.
It was a great day and a superb evening.All responded so well and this is a moving moment.I could not even much so was my joy and gratefulness toward the almighty for having shown me this gathering. It was like a mother just went on and on....why did you arrange all this?? all caring humble souls do. For once my entire family,wife and three kids(now all grown ups though) were present. This happened after 5 years following my cousin Yayati's wedding.
His family was there felt so good to see him with my aunt,his wife Jayee,nieces Kairavi and Akhila the newly born.They all attended with so much commitment.I have made during these past 8 years such wonderful friends. that life has given me more meaning and reasons to enjoy my presence in humanity.The wholeness of your existence and it's usefulness brings great and soul warming joy.Why should man need forced/purchased pleasure when it simply flows freely through such humans. The wealth in people is in the greatness of their minds and hearts.
I had a hard time keeping my feet planted to the ground, like my mother had always taught me to do.
Never have I seen my mother change due to conditions in which she is or either because of the condition people are in.In the eyes of my mother....all are equals.The social hangups or wealth,caste,creed,elitism,age,appearance....are all null and void for her.She never reserves a smile or commitment for anyone. What she is what she portrays. That is how she has brought us up as a son and daughter.The final certificate was issued by all those who were so happy to see my sister Kiran,who has been a film star and has been living in The United States since the last 24 years,behaving in the most normal manner and without a hint of an accent,while speaking in Marathi.
The oldest person was 92yrs old, known to her for the last 51 years and the youngest was of course my Niece Akhila who is 3 months.All of them came with their families and my In-laws were there along with my Co brother's family.The food was appreciated too.It all went of so well and then there were all those who wanted me,my sis and others to speak their emotions.The moving words brought tears of joy as well as happiness and warmth....even perhaps an unfulfilled wish.....not all is Life.
My children and their friends only proved, that the legacy of the social image of the Vairale family will carry on with flying colours.Kirti my eldest daughter came 2 days before the function with her friends Mamta and Vishal.They were a great help. Naina the youngest was at her political best.My son Rishi played the major part of a Photographer and surprised us all by his involvement and presence. I say this because he wasn't there on my 50th birthday celebration.His friends,Amit,Udrula were there to help and another one Apoorva dropped in too!
As it was Kirti's birthday in a couple of days,Sachin her friend came too.
Dr G Y Shende was there with his wife Kusum, Ashwini was there with Tanvi her daughter,Vahini with Gargi and Ashu, the Desai family,Aparna and Sunita Kulkani with their kids,Makarand came with a compassionate twinkle in his eye and a Tulsi sapling for good luck ,The Medsikar family,Nitin Asha,Baai,Sharwari and Shree,Col Karaley,his brother,Narendra my B-I-L with Vaishali and Aarnav,Col. Mishra my Co-brother,Kalpana and Praklap,My friend Ramesh Jadhav and his family,all came......the list will be nearly a 100 people totally.
My friend ,philosopher,guide,Mr Narayandasji Chotiya whose b'day we celebrated at Dilipsingh Gosal's place a couple of days earlier was there along with his daughter Mona and her husband Shailesh.The Gosals,Anita,her husband and Anudeep loved this function.My dear friend Anand Modak with whom I have just made a music CD came with his wife.For Anand my mother is his too...Well wishers aplenty.
This entry is for keeps and record as I will always cherish this day as a blessing from the creator and as a rejuvenating event towards the commitment of Friendship and love at large.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Prakash Amte--Gandhi's Soul Reborn?

Just the other day, I was with friends at my house ,in a sort of show ,put together by my friend Makarand Vaidya.The passion he had while presenting it was natural and obvious.'While the presentation was on,I had this feeling that...The soul that Prakash Amte has within should belong to a person like M K Gandhi 'The Mahatma''.Why was this feeling so strong?....
Reason One, I felt that these two people were so similar in what they did : Their ''straight forwardness '','simplicity, 'fearlessness', ''commitment'', ''sense of duty towards the needy and helpless humans'', their 'lifestyle', so much so that even their "appearance" was so similar, that the more I thought about it...I became convinced.
I had the humble Honour of meeting Dr Prakash Amte and his wife and staying with them. Infact Mrs Mandakini Amte and her daughter in law made sure that we celebrated 'Diwali' at Hemalkasa in their midst. Both of them made the ritualistic foods ;which are made in most homes during those days themselves and saw to that ,our short stay was a memorable one.Living cut off from the modern developed infrastructure and civilisaton, in adverse conditions,'come rains, heat or heavy weather and performing the difficult and most necessary service ,for the most deserving and unattended adivasi bretheren(Madia Gonds) in the most simplistic manner and such natural ease....made us an ''ashamed lot''.
Proving rightly to be the legal decendants of Baba Amte alongwith Sadhana Amte , Dr Prakash Amte and Dr. Madakini Amte...have been recognised by the World at large with the Ramon Magsaysay Award for 2008. Having seen them work and stayed with them I was so happy for them and the Lok Biradari people that my happiness knew no was sheer celebration of the ''victory of Faith and Hard dedicated work'' that was Blessed . It was as if I was one of the blessed ones too!
Dr Vikas Amte and Dr Bharati Amte,though not recognised in this award, very well are a part of this with equal honours.Maybe their work will be appreciated with another such Blessing in a different form. I am very well aware of thier work at ,''Ánandvan '' ,'Somnath'and ''Mulgavhan(Zari)'' that are the continuation of their persistant,committed zeal to emancipate from their misery,those, who are not so lucky as us.
The next(3rd ) generation also needs a big pat on their backs and support from us people,They are the fruits of the same Genre,Tree,Genus,(पिंड) it what you may. In this modern era, not getting distracted by the society that beckons the youth, with such varied "Lures" they are working with the same missionary zeal to fulfill the dreams seen by Baba Amte.

Many dedicated volunteers like Vilas & Renuka Manohar, Gopal & Prabha Phadnis, Dada & Baban Panchal, Jagan Machkale, Manohar & Sandhya Yempalwar etc. since then, have joined Lok Biradari Prakalp . Dr. Digant and Aniket sons of Prakash and Mandakini have also joined Lok Biradari Prakalp.

As my love towards this sacred work multiplies.......I only can re -dedicate myself to work towards lending my support to this ""Honourable Amte Family"' who bring great Laurels to Humanity at large and India in particular.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Guru Purnima, Sadguru,Guru Shishya Parampara

Blessings on the day of Guru Purnima !
It is not to be mistaken for 'Plain Teacher's Day' even though teacher's day is no less!To understand Guru or rather 'Sadguru' we must acknowledge the fact that ,we cannot select a Sadguru or make Anyone. We are the source of 'lesser' knowledge and achievement.He/She is the one who will choose from amongst us, who is worthy of being his 'Shishya' or 'Chela'.
Let us first find out what Guru Purnima is:
It is the full moon day in the month of Aashaad.
Sadguru is the one whom we remember and honour....
"Vihangam Yoga Says:[1]:
There is a lot of darkness in this world - the darkness of evils , the darkness of illiteracy about the truth of oneself, the darkness of maya and nature that forbids you from the truth of this world.The one who takes you away from this darkness of nature into a state of light that shows who you are , where are you from , whom actually you belong to, and what is the actual aim of having this human form is called the Satguru.Satguru is the one who has seen the God and who is capable enough to show it to his disciples. "
This Guru- Shishya( paramapra) tradition has it's roots long back in history ...
"Often a guru will assert that he or she is capable of leading a shishya directly to the highest possible state of spirituality or consciousness, sometimes referred to within Hinduism as moksha. In the bhakti guru-shishya relationship the guru is often believed to have supernatural powers, leading to the deification of the guru."

The Navnath lineage is one should be revered..
"The Navnath (Navanatha or Nao Nath) are the nine saints, Masters or Naths on whom the Navnath Sampradaya, the lineage of the nine gurus is based. They are worshipped collectively as well as individually.[1] This sampradaya or parampara, is a part of the Nath Sampradaya (lineage) of Hindu mythology [2]"

What does a Shishya get from his Guru is a question all the practical humans who always want rather than give , will ask?Materialistic humans have no place here for this give and take.But I must say the experience of the 'Chelas" have been according to their (samarpan) i.e. devotion and dedication.

This is a topic which is unending and not easily fathomable ...And it only is that you need to be as strong a character as 'Valya' to be "Valmiki" ...Valya a 'dacoit' who used to 'way lay' people in the jungles/forests to become a Rishi or Sage and write the 'Ramayana". Alltough one school of thought think otherwise.
" When the fisherman Valya undertook chanting for sixty thousand years he finally became Sage Valmiki. According to another school of thought Sage Valmiki’s real name was Ratnakar, not Valya the fisherman. Valmik is the name of a species of ants which builds anthills. These ants built an anthill on the body of a sage named Ratnakar. Hence people began calling him Sage Valmiki'

Friday, July 4, 2008

Be a Sport! -Life isn't funny! It's history repeating itself!

Why is it dangerous to let your man's mind wander? It's too little to be out alone.

Tickles all women's funny bone....but can they be as sporting if they are the subject of a joke? In fact not all humans are the same and all react in different fashions...rather ways. Desmond Morris is one of the better exponents of Human behaviour and I think that every thinking human should read his works. he says that all animals have behaviour of a kind and think in certain ways but one has to study and understand them.Each has a different way of being the most ambidextrous of the lot. .....True, but I feel that:He is also the worst of the lot though!

Humans have so much to their disposal but are bent upon finishing themselves.Extinction of other species is okay but they are doing it to themselves too!You can't be worse than that! Where are we going and what are we after?

Humour is just a way to make light of the problems and worries in a persons lives. Universally known is the fact that the most funny and humorous is the saddest or letdown person with very few true friends....It is a way of tackling life! They do not want to see the sadness , pain,poverty,worry etc....on other fellow beings as they know how depressing or defeating it could be to be that way all the time.

So also are other passions and hobbies pursued.Great Artists are born out of pain....go into the pasts of great biographies and check their lives...and the lessons learnt.We always remain small kids...not listening to or paying heed to advice,written words and experiences of other fellow beings from the past or present.W want to experience all ourselves and then reinvent the wheel.

As crazy as humans are with Nature and is nature and life with them." What goes around ...comes around","As you sow , So you reap! "all well known lines ,words and no avail. "My cow milks, me ","Child is the father of Man", "Let bygones be Bygones", all true !! But do we listen?Follow?Think? We go right on and commit the same mistakes....just proving the same rules over and over again..

LIFE then is different faces,different times.....same mistakes,same lessons...different but same..

Isn't Life Funny? His..story....repeats It self !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time to Buy shares for Indian Investors!

I am not an expert, but this is my gut feeling. If you have money to invest ,this is the time to buy good scrips in the BSE. Good shares are at nearly 50% their real value and all this is because of panic selling and fears due to increase in petroleum prices.
I know that happens many a time in life which all never imagine. The agriculturalist doesn't sow that crop which is sold lowest the earlier year, The same happens in varied fields and so will it happen to the shareholder.
The world is not ending guys!...there is a tomorrow and a brighter future for those who think with care and logic. Check with your broker friends or bankers or those who understand shares. Get the names of those companies who have good fundamentals and if you have the money , go invest in good companies.....After all...all are not going to close down..

Friday, June 27, 2008

Winds of Change !

A look at the world senario tells you promptly ,the importance Humans have given to the priorities they would like to follow!1) Money/Wealth2) Power3) Oil4) Water5) Food6) Freedom7) Disaster management8) Fashion9) Technology10) Entertainment11)Human Rights... Sadly very low are the priority of Environment,Nature preservation and Pollution Control.
Where is Man heading and is it progress of Regress?What are UNO and WHO doing?Is man so shameless that he pays a blind eye to the major priorities of Survival and "LIFE"?
I think the new generation should take note of this, as Literature,Education of the right type Love for the right things, Music,Arts,Crafts,Poetry,is so waning away...that we might lose important heritage and soon the extinction of much more valuable "LIFE" treasures will be imminent.
I always ponder over these lines of the wise and powerful Guru Vikasanandji!" LIFE is LOST in LIVING , LIVING is LOST in LIVELIHOOD "WE as humans who have travelled 84 lakhs Yonis to be born as a Human Being should feel so blessed that we should learn how to lead "LIFE" and not to waste it injust LIVING or go in to the clockwork like monotony and fall into the endless struggle for earning your "LIVELIHOOD"
A fresh look has to be taken by all growing up humans.What does he need to do to enjoy this blessing of LIFE given to us by the Creator...whatever name he/she may call it by with what ever faith/religion.It should not be that at the end of your days on this planet one should feel depressed and become sad by thinking of what one has done ,that was futile....and while doing so ,forgotten to LIVE....LIFE !!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shri Swami Samarth - revealed.

Akkalkotcha Sakshaat Parmeshwar: “Shri Swami Samarth”

A Rare treat to all Swami Samarth Followers: - An all encompassing, unique collection is available now .These books which are in 2 parts has been compiled and is there for those who would like to have it.
Part-1 has in it Philosophical (Adhyatmic) articles in Prose which include teachings of Swami Samarth along with his various “Avatars” and his “Leelas”. This part also has opinions of well known Contemporary Saints of his time.
Part-2 has the poetry in forms of rare “Stotras”, “Prasadik- Dhyan Shlokas”.It has a collection of ‘Aartis’ sung in various Swami Samarth Mathas. There is for the followers
‘Swami Shastranaam’ or you could say ‘Swaminamawali’

All this with a special highlight of rare B&W photographs taken by Kodak Co. Various rare coloured pictures , and photos of his very close disciples!

Contact: Pradeep Raste Cell: 9823723101 Tel : 020 65211157

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Earthquakes,Tornadoes,Rain,Volcanic Eruptions,Natural disasters....

Man has no answer for the wrath of nature, yet he will not abide by nature's rules. When are we going to understand this? We have come a full circle and go on committing the same mistake of satisfying the Human EGO.
Nature's GEO won't allow that.You are spoiling your child's future and not honouring your gift from our four fathers.It is a legacy to be looked after,cared for and carefully enjoyed,not usurped.
Our Great possession namely Mother Earth is not being loved and cared for, the human is practically raping it! What a shame!
Making things for ones pleasure at the cost of ?? Never a thought of the final result.Pleasure is but a temporary thing of which man gets bored and then goes for something new repeating the same thing over and over again!
I wasn't brought up that way. My father always was angered by the demand of dowry by the groom and his family. He said what is the use of education to all ? The more you study the more you demand from the bride's father.Robbing Peter to pay Paul as goes the saying!What if the bride's father is not a rich man? he then goes begging or borrowing or stealing!
Corruption is the first baby of the marriage to be! Demands that are forced and unnecessary making a pitiful figure of the female child's parent. This follows everywhere today! Be it getting admission in a school(donations) ,Getting a job(headhunters),Getting a driving license(agents),Buying a house(money under the table) registering it, Man milking man !! at every step.
No respite, for man goes on the rampage polluting soil,water and air.Creating carbon dioxide,making a blare. Making night if day and vice verse ! Innovation food for ill health(salt,oil,sugar,cream,fast food) Cutting trees and digging mountains, covering the earth making it difficult to breathe. Plastic,asbestos,thermacole,etc.....the imperishable pollutants!
Surely he has to face the wrath of Nature.Live by it human for you are doomed!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Of Human Nature

Time and again in my life I feel both happy and frightened when I go away from an association.Man is totally made according to the genetic make up in him and no one knows what will be of him/her. All siblings born to common parents turn out differently.Each distinct from the other.I fee I too have been made to help and aid humans who come into my life by some default.Every time I have helped each of them and seen them to their road of success, I have felt happy but also frightened. Why ? I do not know. Finally The 'truth' in me prevails and then I am at peace.I probably thing it is the fear of their failure that I might be blamed for helping them wrongly, but each time I have been proved that I have been a positive thing in their life.Seeing them grow only makes me more confident of helping others, but who they will be isn't in my hands.It is only by gut feeling and happenstance provided by fate and destiny.
I can never work Under someone as a paid person.I have to be independent of ideas of bondage, The commitment is always mine and the seriousness and the depth should be in the person whom I help due to love and emotion or compassion.I can't be forced,bought,enslaved but I may do whatever 'myself ' if and when the time comes.This has been my past and maybe the same may continue in future.Doing good and being good is the ultimate "life" for me.God means love and in work I find my penance.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Why is China seeing Red In Tibet?

I am at a loss of the fight Humans have and their reasons for doing so.To co-exist in Harmony is probably not the law of Humans as it is of NATURE. Reds Spilling Red blood of their own Brothers. An entire National regime against one Man - The Dalai Lama ! Peace disturbed in one of the most sanctified and religious places -Tibet !
Selfishness, stubbornness, Highhandedness.....what is it? A peaceful people disturbed by an Olympic movement ? Olympics was at the fore during Hitler too and so also a subject to terrorism for a forced cause. Does a movement like Olympics which is meant to bring everyone close together need to be "used" by anyone whatsoever?
Mankind has to introspect and take a fresh look at approach of things. A host Nation needs to be serious in outlook and not act like a hypocrite. The rule of nature can't be played about with.
Are the circles of the Olympic flag opening up into Question Marks.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Most Important Issue Of Global Warming!

The Facts!
3.7 tonnes of CO2 will offset 1 Person flying from London to Sydney (Australia) and back. This can be done by planting 5 trees!
850 pounds is the same as 386.4 kgCO2 (0.3864 tonnes CO2). This is the equivalent of an average UK house’s electricity, gas, coal and oil usage for 2 weeks!
Insulating your home by adding hot water tank lagging to your home’s hot water tank will save 150 kgCO2 per year. This is equivalent to a one way flight from London to Barcelona.
About 10% of all electricity used in UK homes is consumed by electronic items left on standby. By switching appliances off standby 150 kgCO2 per year can be saved. A PC monitor switched off over night saves enough energy to microwave 6 dinners!
Switching off the lights when not in the room saves 30 kgCO2 per year. Lighting an office overnight wastes enough energy to heat water for 1000 cups of tea!
Turning down your thermostat by 1 degree can save as much as 10% off electricity bills, 300 kgCO2 per year. This is equivalent to a return flight from London to Barcelona.
Drive smoothly, check the road ahead, anticipate traffic and avoid harsh braking and acceleration. Eco-driving can reduce fuel consumption by around 10%, saving 280 kgCO2 per year. This is the equivalent to a return flight from London to Milan, Italy.
An average petrol car making a saving of 10 miles a week = 520 miles a year = 175 kgCO2. This is approximately equivalent to a return flight from London to Belfast.
If every home in the UK changed just 3 light bulbs, enough energy would be saved to light the UK’s street lamps.
1 Tree will offset on average about 10 kgCO2 each year
Not using a screensaver equates to a saving of 810 kWh per year = 348 kgCO2. This is the equivalent of a return flight from London to Madrid.
Washing your clothes at 30°C could save 40% of your washing machines energy consumption, saving 35 kgCO2 per year.

Monday, March 31, 2008

old age,environment,modern progress,new economy

A mixed bag of thoughts! certainly.52 isn't too old, but certainly it brings in another kind of outlook towards life.Thoughts do wander and make one think even though one is young at heart.The physical backup does falter though.
Environment sure has to be a big bother.I am into renewable energy for the last 7 years and surely envision a terrible future if we do not stop plundering Nature and misusing it for our immediate benefit.A chill runs up my spine to think of what could be!!
Progress or Regress....I stop and think.Are we going towards a good future or are we digging our own grave.Making materials that will last long and not deteriorate back to nature.Having a population with all bad habits? Making night during the day and vice versa.Growing food for animals and then devouring them to beckon the rise of heart and sugar related health problems to be solved by allopathic medicine? Making"life" easy by remote and putting on weight to be reduced by 'Paid' exercise in health clubs with personal trainers and dietitians? Cars that make an oil dependant economy?machines replacing man?computers replacing the use of our brain?
Money,Wealth,Gold,Oil etc........where is the value of Man and Humanity.Where has commune living and Barter gone.Where is the Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest?
Is it going to be "the survival of the Richest"? Is power going to be an arms race? Is Goodness going to the dogs ? Ethics+convenience?
Humanity needs to ponder.....for every Dog will see his Death !!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama wakes up America !!!

I wish more politicians are as mature and as sensible as young Obama is. He is tackling issues of high sensitivity head on and needs to be praised for his approach.Taking the U S of A straight on is a great sight.He is making History....Believe me !

The fight between mean,small,narrow minded views should be the larger nationalistic and humanistic ones will always go on. It is not possible to deal with the extremists and the conservatives all at once.When it comes to Democratic views....this matter should be resolved more easily.The greater and Larger interests of a Country should not have this petty bickering.

The media is much to be blamed.It is repeatedly rubbing the wrong people the wrong way. It has a lot of onus to take.It is not acting responsibly.I feel showing bits and pieces of a 'whole' is dangerous and can incite the wrong feelings and thoughts.It needs to be made more answerable.

Wake up educated,sensible,responsible,humans!! It is time for an uprising towards truth and reality of the Creator. He has made all alike and loves all as his own children.Destiny and Fate though are a part of each individuals story.Man is responsible for all the creations of,caste,religion,race,etc....The physical qualities of man are due to Geographical and Genetic compositions.Don't add unnecessary complications to a society that needs to live in peace and harmony!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Global warming a global warning !

It is so necessary to teach about environment , it's use and misuse in all schools at all levels.I think it must be as cumpulsory; just like the food we eat and the water we drink is for our body and it's fitness and survival.
There are so many people and so many campaigns one of which is in the link given below..

I think mankind should open it's eyes and learn from nature and live accordingly.Life is so simple....why is mankind making it difficult for itself?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

India's Youth are a power to reckon with-Proof is Their Win Over Australia and Under 19 World Cup

The attitude and commitment shows it all !! This is proof that Indian youth can be the best in any field.They need support.The Government should wake up !A country of 1/6th the world population and ....No Gold medals yet in the Olympics?
We do not have the poor and undernourished lot like that of the 1950's and '60s....There is plenty of modernisation and growth. They politicians and planners give very little by way of support and importance to fulfill the need of sports in India. It is a sector that has little importance in schools and colleges too. Healthy Body and Mind is the Magic !!!
Look at the recent achievement in international sports. Why do they have to depend on Private Money and Moral Support?? The Government has to have a proper they are now having for infrastructure. Importance should be given to proper coaches,equipment,facilities and above all...a Respectful Place.An achievement in any field is as IMPORTANT and WORTHY as any.
Is education only leading us to degrees and desk jobs and foreign pay packets?...spending it on Material goods through plastic Cards...and eating Junk Food ???Isn't health and Sports Important?? It should be a priority....Compulsory NCC,Sports,Activities that are physical...excursions,Hiking,Mountaineering,Workout places, Jogging parks.....and so on.
Wake up India and Look towards our future....The INDIAN YOUTH !!
Congratulations to the Indian Cricket Teams...Both the seniors and the Under 19.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

India and China together can take charge of things on earth !!

A thought that occurred today was purely mathematical. India and China have 1/6Th of the World's population each i.e. together 2/6Th which means 1/3rd of the global population.Every 3rd person will be either a Chinese or one of ours i.e. Indian..........

Both nations have the highest growth rate and so also the highest human resources in......IT.Medicine,Nursing,Engineering,Hotel Industry,Business,Manual Labour etc.......

Both have strong Political bases and cultures.They have strong histories and powerful logic and reasoning.They have an agricultural and rural base as well as a Modern youth.The grey matter is un paralleled and grit and family orientation that is exemplary.

They accept all religions and are not extremists of any kind.Their educational base is strong and fundamentals are to be envied.If they come together....the World is theirs for the taking.....

Think people ! Give it a thought ! WHO needs any world powers? The thing is that they are sensible enough not to be extremists and selfish lot.They care about all Humans unlike many others.They do not force themselves on anyone....for they know "GOD" is not US...we are but his blessings.

I pray Good sense comes to Humanity

Friday, February 22, 2008

Humans fighting wrong battles in 2008

I am not an authority but I have my personal views. The reason why they are put in black n white is that they should be made public and discussed for their validity.
Let us know that between the day we die and the from the day we live there was never a moment that was 100% in our control and neither will be. A mall change in somthing that happened or happens can change the outcome or the following moment. Man is stubborn and all humans are different from each other ,that is why they are individaulistic.
All countries,religions,castes,languages,and so on are made by man and for that the race suffers....EGO....I,IT,WE,US,are right and all else stands to questioning.We make rules on our own and wants others to follow...Greed of power by might or wealth....Matrial things right from currency...made by man for his own doom.
The primary differences of our own Nature are refused to be understood.....Ask Desmond Morris> he will tell you about CATS and DOGS too. He tells us about humans and Human Behaviour. What does that tell you? Nature has taken care of a lot of fact ALL !!
Humans try to meddle with Nature....Cloning...a fine example !
Do we know that we humans are our own enemies. 'We grow food for animals and kill animals for our food'.
'We make weapons for own protection and kill our own selves'
'We make so many things with which we guarantee our insecurity'
OIL...what a great find.....IT surely will KILL the Economy soon !!
PLASTIC SURELY WILL STOP VEGETATIVE GROWTH and help Animals kill themselves on consumption because Humans leave it to be eaten.
Internet,Television, is very good and informative like everything the Human makes....
But 'BAD if over consumed or wrongly used'
The Fresh Air is less fresher,the seas are rougher,the winter is colder,the summer hotter still,certainty more uncertain now !!
Food if consumed well is a lifesaver , knowledge if used well is a life giver, self respect is good too not selfishness.....where are the do gooders? the Seers and the Optimists, the mature,ethical humans?
"Self introspection" is a must for the Human race today !!! Where are we going? and what are we going to give to our children and future generations? Proper knowledge,behaviour,reasoning,habits,guidance is the call of the hour...Money and Wealth are equal evils as are Drugs and Nicotine. Lead well !!
There is a lot that can be stopped.....arrest the Population growth ! Limit your requirements !
Wars are no Solutions ! Terrorism is no Human logic !
Awake and Apply.....Live by example and Serve Humanity before Nature tells you what you deserve in return of your behaviour towards IT !

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Obama an honourable adversary

I am very impressed with the performance of Barrack Obama. He is posing a strong and mature fight. I like his spirit and positivity.He is pretty sure of what he wants and hw should be a good president and also 'precedent'.The change should be in human attitude really rather than anything else.This way of choosing a candidate for the party is a really nice one....but the expenses involved are too much.I wish we had some choices like that in India.We choose only amongst those given by the paries themselves.
The media is fast and informative and quite repitative too. This year proves to be different as is the Weather this year. The Climate change is being felt, seen and heard. The awareness and actions just too late thought.Instead of being ready forit we are now fleeing.Man learns everything the hard way.When he/she is small...the elders tell not to run without being careful. Very few listen, most of them stumble,fall and bruise themselves...a little too late they learn.
Caste,colour,class,religion....all made by man and he bears the brunt ofhis mistakes but doesn't seem to understand.The issues grow as do the intrests.Complications,,,that help only the capitalist make money and perish material and human wealth.Even Lord Krishna has refused to be born help the weak against the strong...for the powerful now have no ethics.A ruthless lot.
Is progress going towards betterment of mankind ? We all ned to take a hard look. Let the good people like Obama in and 'change' for the better ! I hope the Almighty Country sets a good example to all of us ...Amen

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stock Market, American Elections, Terrorism

What a fantastic combination.All happening !!! I wonder if this was our choice for a Good World. People falling into things unknown to them.A living time many will survive?
The sensex neither makes sense nor has anything to do with sex! Man wants to make money,speculate,gamble,become 'rich' and then The moneyed want to spend it,use it,squander it,empower themselves...what all and those who do not have or want what they can't..terrorise others to give it to them..All different means to the same end!!!
I wonder whether man has 'wanderlust' or is a 'wonderlust'.Why is he digging his own grave all the time? there are better things to do to a bigger lot of people rather than to just our own selves!! Come on have a bigger heart!!Grow up and mature ! The human is made of better and wiser stuff . The stock markets only create fear in the financial world...The American elections just go to show that all politicians are like chameleons...The terrorists as it is have lost reason so can't be harnessed or chained.All the three can only be aggravated by every which way we can think of.
Man hasn't learnt from "History" and never will...therefore the saying: 'History repeats itself'
'Terrorism 'any which way used creates only fear and panic.The voters do it to politicians,the brokers do it stock markets and the extremists do it to ordinary people.I wonder whether good sense can come only after loss and annihilation?Can't we see RED beforehand?Have we all become selfish and senseless?I need answers....
Try hard as I might I can't see why precious TIME,MONEY and THOUGHT is lost by media on frivolous things.Is the way to draw attention only SENSATIONALISM.Are we going to learn the one and only way of CAPITALISM by going all out for TRP Ratings alone?Do we not have a sense of duty.Is the Freedom of The Press being mis or under utilised?
Don't we have sensible,responsible,gentlemanly people to be our leaders?Do we not have Good people come to help our country irrespective of being wealthy?A poor man stand no chance to fight an election for he has no "FUNDS",however intelligent and capable he may be.
Educationists and Politicians seems to be one and the same.How come? 'cause they (political people) own all the institutions!! I doubt we will have good the Teachers have so little in them and but pawns to the Big Tacticians !!
The great big divide in all the countries world wide is but obviously growing!! The Rich are getting Richer and the poor are but a helpless lot!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Land,Water and Food

Looks like these 3 will be the most important for survival ultimately.The land in India is on fire....the prices are scorchingly high ! Water has to be preserved throughout the year or we might be like southern Australia, in Melbourne..a bad scene....Not enough water !! We have to be a disciplined lot.The use of resources has to be very economical and conservative. Food is going to be expensive !! The average cost of food has gone up..Wheat which was Rupees 8-10 per Kg. is costing 100% more..Meat which was 18 Rs. per Kg. is now 200/-.
Where are we going to end this all. We are not in control of our population.The figures speak so loudly ! The game is all there in Numbers !! "The more you create in Need, the More you need to Create for Demand " We are playing a stupid cat and mouse game. Losing our way,creating trouble for ourselves (Humanity) is being put at risk.
The use of 'weapons' for the wrong purposes,The use of 'Plastic', Automobiles and Planes, misuse of "drugs", Lure of 'sex' for any kind of promotion except 'love between humans'....the list is endless...Less we end it ourselves,quickly!!
The maturity is lost in "acquisition" of "material" goods. The richness of culture,education,upbringing,ethics, all lost in the race towards becoming "Rich"in wealth!! alone. So much is done by us in such a short while that we do not have anything left to do but to abuse what we then have and so create the 'evil' of vulgar extravagance of all kinds.
God surely must be repenting his creation of the human...Food,water,shelter..will always be a priority but should we do all this to get it?...I wonder........

Friday, January 18, 2008

Can We Help Ourselves?

I have been a slow grower(as far as maturing in thought is concerned) and did not understand things around us and the relationships,human psychology very well.I did have to undergo some extreme experiences myself at school when I was a boarder in school.That is a place where you learn to survive,fight and prove yourself as an individual.The variety amongst fellow students and therefore children from all kinds of homes and backgrounds comes to the fore. This is a lesson one learns while in a boarding school,away from "Home" and all on your own.This may be the reason which has made the question I ask...because the answer can be both 'Yes' and 'No'.
The reasons why a child is sent to a residential schools are very many. A naughty and unruly child, broken homes children, those who have lost a parent, for a better education and principled upbringing, to teach the value of home and parent protection, scarcity of time and people to look after the ward etc.....
How a child would react to this type of education and upbringing,what he/she would experience and how he/she would react is all but individualistic. It was a positive experience for me and a refreshing and helpful one. The same can't be said of all who were with me.Destiny and fate does play a great part but that is not within your control.I believe doing your best with the best of intentions is all what can be done with life in any situation.
I thought it would work for my children as I sent them to a boarding so that they would learn the art of survival along with a disciplined education. What they turned out to be is another thing. There are many factors outside school too and that is the 'Home' they live in. A lot depends upon the parents as individuals and together as a unit. Living by example rather than just verbal banter will not help. Hypocrisy is the worst of all. Selflessness teaches a better morale than a selfish and self centred one. What you do is what you teach. There cannot be two ways at a time.
The modern children,whether they are taught at day school or boarding ,has a different tale. The life has a lot exposed in a short period and the demand on the child is huge.Competition is set in too early and the output required is beyond normal expectations. He/She are not only exposed to wrong ethics and morals too quickly but ate not nurtured too well at school. The cultural and educational system is at a very low commitment level as far as the teachers and school organisers are concerned.The values of good living are going down and the media is of negative help in educating it's readers and viewers.
Much needs to be done.The politicians are an indisciplined lot themselves.Their chameleon qualities have put them down the ladder of popularity and social status.They cannot be relied upon for progress and security.Stability has to be built by ourselves now a days by economic strength and that is what the capitalistic regime wants. We are now a slave to habits and needs created by us and we are responsible then for ourselves.
We can help ourselves to a great level......but destiny will finally play the last move and fate is what proves you that there is a final power in the creator....He, She, It...whoever may be !!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hillary Clinton finally makes it.

In India, miles away but so glued to the TV, I waited for a favourable result....I had a smile on my face finally.I was truly upset with the Iowa results but then I understood this had to happen.Too much of the campaign shouldn't be taken for granted.The Clintons finally learnt a lesson and I am sure it will be a tough but a decent fight for the party Nomination.I only wish that In India we have a right to choose candidates too,for whichever election.We end up here just choosing the better from the ordinary and useless ones.The Less harmful if I may say so.
The involvement of politicians in the people's problems and the growth of a Nation or at least the areas they represent is very important as is their capacity and intelligence to do so.Educational qualifications should be required and so also their record of the past.Politicians in this country make a business out of it and are very selfish,self centred and unethical hypocrites too.I am happy I am away from it all, but my heart cries out.
Where are the people of this great country India going? There should be a better thought process with a view of the future.The social and moral self made police should be taught proper lessons and the government organisations should be pulled up with lessons of principle and responsible commitment.We are going towards self destruction.Humans are utmost uncaring creed now.They have no justified reasons to fight and are fanatical about all the wrong issues.There is need for a campaign of awareness and debate.I wish all the media wastes least time over issues and items that are useless and that the prime time and monies are used for good news which is productive,informative,promotes good thought ,gives good lessons,pats the right people on there backs making the world a place with an optimistic future.They are doing all the wrong things and exposing people to things they should not be and teaching and imbibing the wrong thoughts in the minds of simple souls.
Well that's as far I can do ,I am but an individual citizen of India.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Here's another Year....and I must heed to it !

December was really about proving to myself that things could be done ...if worked for !!!That destiny would have them was another thing.The music album for my friend ,philosopher ,guide Mr Narayandas Chotia was finally made and all credit to my friend Anand Modak.
The year ended with a beautiful and peaceful visit to Nagpur (Vikas Ashram) for 'Dutta Jayanti' and to Akola for the Annual remembrance of A great soul Mr Sardeshmukh and His wife Mrs. Leelatai, who passed away on the same day 15 years later.I am what I am, due to their guidance and live peacefully due to their blessings.
The year has ended and a new one has begun, giving me rays of hope and tons of confidence that I will be always blessed.I have a brand new faith and strength.I will only ask more strength to deliver better.Achievement of satisfaction and peace is my main goal as is giving happiness to my friends and well wishers.
I pray that I am able to help all those I can and share all what I have with those that need...God give me strength...