Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stock Market, American Elections, Terrorism

What a fantastic combination.All happening !!! I wonder if this was our choice for a Good World. People falling into things unknown to them.A living time many will survive?
The sensex neither makes sense nor has anything to do with sex! Man wants to make money,speculate,gamble,become 'rich' and then The moneyed want to spend it,use it,squander it,empower themselves...what all and those who do not have or want what they can't..terrorise others to give it to them..All different means to the same end!!!
I wonder whether man has 'wanderlust' or is a 'wonderlust'.Why is he digging his own grave all the time? there are better things to do to a bigger lot of people rather than to just our own selves!! Come on have a bigger heart!!Grow up and mature ! The human is made of better and wiser stuff . The stock markets only create fear in the financial world...The American elections just go to show that all politicians are like chameleons...The terrorists as it is have lost reason so can't be harnessed or chained.All the three can only be aggravated by every which way we can think of.
Man hasn't learnt from "History" and never will...therefore the saying: 'History repeats itself'
'Terrorism 'any which way used creates only fear and panic.The voters do it to politicians,the brokers do it stock markets and the extremists do it to ordinary people.I wonder whether good sense can come only after loss and annihilation?Can't we see RED beforehand?Have we all become selfish and senseless?I need answers....
Try hard as I might I can't see why precious TIME,MONEY and THOUGHT is lost by media on frivolous things.Is the way to draw attention only SENSATIONALISM.Are we going to learn the one and only way of CAPITALISM by going all out for TRP Ratings alone?Do we not have a sense of duty.Is the Freedom of The Press being mis or under utilised?
Don't we have sensible,responsible,gentlemanly people to be our leaders?Do we not have Good people come to help our country irrespective of being wealthy?A poor man stand no chance to fight an election for he has no "FUNDS",however intelligent and capable he may be.
Educationists and Politicians seems to be one and the same.How come? 'cause they (political people) own all the institutions!! I doubt we will have good the Teachers have so little in them and but pawns to the Big Tacticians !!
The great big divide in all the countries world wide is but obviously growing!! The Rich are getting Richer and the poor are but a helpless lot!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Land,Water and Food

Looks like these 3 will be the most important for survival ultimately.The land in India is on fire....the prices are scorchingly high ! Water has to be preserved throughout the year or we might be like southern Australia, in Melbourne..a bad scene....Not enough water !! We have to be a disciplined lot.The use of resources has to be very economical and conservative. Food is going to be expensive !! The average cost of food has gone up..Wheat which was Rupees 8-10 per Kg. is costing 100% more..Meat which was 18 Rs. per Kg. is now 200/-.
Where are we going to end this all. We are not in control of our population.The figures speak so loudly ! The game is all there in Numbers !! "The more you create in Need, the More you need to Create for Demand " We are playing a stupid cat and mouse game. Losing our way,creating trouble for ourselves (Humanity) is being put at risk.
The use of 'weapons' for the wrong purposes,The use of 'Plastic', Automobiles and Planes, misuse of "drugs", Lure of 'sex' for any kind of promotion except 'love between humans'....the list is endless...Less we end it ourselves,quickly!!
The maturity is lost in "acquisition" of "material" goods. The richness of culture,education,upbringing,ethics, all lost in the race towards becoming "Rich"in wealth!! alone. So much is done by us in such a short while that we do not have anything left to do but to abuse what we then have and so create the 'evil' of vulgar extravagance of all kinds.
God surely must be repenting his creation of the human...Food,water,shelter..will always be a priority but should we do all this to get it?...I wonder........

Friday, January 18, 2008

Can We Help Ourselves?

I have been a slow grower(as far as maturing in thought is concerned) and did not understand things around us and the relationships,human psychology very well.I did have to undergo some extreme experiences myself at school when I was a boarder in school.That is a place where you learn to survive,fight and prove yourself as an individual.The variety amongst fellow students and therefore children from all kinds of homes and backgrounds comes to the fore. This is a lesson one learns while in a boarding school,away from "Home" and all on your own.This may be the reason which has made the question I ask...because the answer can be both 'Yes' and 'No'.
The reasons why a child is sent to a residential schools are very many. A naughty and unruly child, broken homes children, those who have lost a parent, for a better education and principled upbringing, to teach the value of home and parent protection, scarcity of time and people to look after the ward etc.....
How a child would react to this type of education and upbringing,what he/she would experience and how he/she would react is all but individualistic. It was a positive experience for me and a refreshing and helpful one. The same can't be said of all who were with me.Destiny and fate does play a great part but that is not within your control.I believe doing your best with the best of intentions is all what can be done with life in any situation.
I thought it would work for my children as I sent them to a boarding so that they would learn the art of survival along with a disciplined education. What they turned out to be is another thing. There are many factors outside school too and that is the 'Home' they live in. A lot depends upon the parents as individuals and together as a unit. Living by example rather than just verbal banter will not help. Hypocrisy is the worst of all. Selflessness teaches a better morale than a selfish and self centred one. What you do is what you teach. There cannot be two ways at a time.
The modern children,whether they are taught at day school or boarding ,has a different tale. The life has a lot exposed in a short period and the demand on the child is huge.Competition is set in too early and the output required is beyond normal expectations. He/She are not only exposed to wrong ethics and morals too quickly but ate not nurtured too well at school. The cultural and educational system is at a very low commitment level as far as the teachers and school organisers are concerned.The values of good living are going down and the media is of negative help in educating it's readers and viewers.
Much needs to be done.The politicians are an indisciplined lot themselves.Their chameleon qualities have put them down the ladder of popularity and social status.They cannot be relied upon for progress and security.Stability has to be built by ourselves now a days by economic strength and that is what the capitalistic regime wants. We are now a slave to habits and needs created by us and we are responsible then for ourselves.
We can help ourselves to a great level......but destiny will finally play the last move and fate is what proves you that there is a final power in the creator....He, She, It...whoever may be !!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hillary Clinton finally makes it.

In India, miles away but so glued to the TV, I waited for a favourable result....I had a smile on my face finally.I was truly upset with the Iowa results but then I understood this had to happen.Too much of the campaign shouldn't be taken for granted.The Clintons finally learnt a lesson and I am sure it will be a tough but a decent fight for the party Nomination.I only wish that In India we have a right to choose candidates too,for whichever election.We end up here just choosing the better from the ordinary and useless ones.The Less harmful if I may say so.
The involvement of politicians in the people's problems and the growth of a Nation or at least the areas they represent is very important as is their capacity and intelligence to do so.Educational qualifications should be required and so also their record of the past.Politicians in this country make a business out of it and are very selfish,self centred and unethical hypocrites too.I am happy I am away from it all, but my heart cries out.
Where are the people of this great country India going? There should be a better thought process with a view of the future.The social and moral self made police should be taught proper lessons and the government organisations should be pulled up with lessons of principle and responsible commitment.We are going towards self destruction.Humans are utmost uncaring creed now.They have no justified reasons to fight and are fanatical about all the wrong issues.There is need for a campaign of awareness and debate.I wish all the media wastes least time over issues and items that are useless and that the prime time and monies are used for good news which is productive,informative,promotes good thought ,gives good lessons,pats the right people on there backs making the world a place with an optimistic future.They are doing all the wrong things and exposing people to things they should not be and teaching and imbibing the wrong thoughts in the minds of simple souls.
Well that's as far I can do ,I am but an individual citizen of India.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Here's another Year....and I must heed to it !

December was really about proving to myself that things could be done ...if worked for !!!That destiny would have them was another thing.The music album for my friend ,philosopher ,guide Mr Narayandas Chotia was finally made and all credit to my friend Anand Modak.
The year ended with a beautiful and peaceful visit to Nagpur (Vikas Ashram) for 'Dutta Jayanti' and to Akola for the Annual remembrance of A great soul Mr Sardeshmukh and His wife Mrs. Leelatai, who passed away on the same day 15 years later.I am what I am, due to their guidance and live peacefully due to their blessings.
The year has ended and a new one has begun, giving me rays of hope and tons of confidence that I will be always blessed.I have a brand new faith and strength.I will only ask more strength to deliver better.Achievement of satisfaction and peace is my main goal as is giving happiness to my friends and well wishers.
I pray that I am able to help all those I can and share all what I have with those that need...God give me strength...