Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Of the world and people...

This is like always totally extempore ! NEWS is no good from any direction and seems the deterioration will only increase.I feel blessed not because of this fact but because I will not be able to see the effects of what is happening today!Why? not because I will die tomorrow but by the time I will ,The peak would be quite in sight!

I am not being pessimistic cause I can't lie.I think young and always promote the youth!Looking around though 'People' want to continue ruling till the D-day and be stubborn and selfish!Ironically no one carries even his/her own clothes to 'Heaven or Hell' ALL are 'Naked' there.They also are Penniless,Landless, Beauty less, Alone,Only carrying their Guilt!No Fooling,Belying,Betraying, High/Hard handedness,Clout,Background,Support.....

Shamelessly the human carries on till he/she enters his/her grave.Fright doesn't belong to the Naked and neither does Shame.Only the clean are frightened of getting dirtied!The weak afraid of Muscle!The Poor of the Wealthy,The Weak of the Healthy......But all that turns to a farce when all have to 'Finally' leave!!!

Killing fellow beings only shows how you Humans are still ANIMALS and not " the human" God, Christ or Allah made!

Man made money and wealth... when nothing belongs to him/her... It is all Imaginative. the 'real wealth' is all around us all and we all are trying to be around 'US' ...lol what a laugh!

NATURE is called Mother !!! and who is caring for HER??

Man cannot replace the 'Creator' who so ever it,he,she is !!

Fooling the world all the time only helps to make you fool yourself!!!

Materialistic Dreams and Possessions... can they help you to go to Paradise or attain Moksha? Is temporary acquisition of something materialistic The be all and end all of our ''LIFE"?

Respect and regard to fellow humans is a must if one wants to 'be alive' in reality. Do we life for ourselves or others? This doesn't mean one should live 'howsoever' one wants but according to the prevalent ethics and norms or else '' leave'' that environment and go "back to nature" where you live the Law of Nature and not of the "man made society!!! "

we all have a right to choose ..... No one owns the world personally...It is a universal possession!

So please leave your EGO ....what the human feels is he is  the " Eternal Governing Ostensible"

Be Human, be Humble ,be Humorous , be Healthy !!!