Thursday, July 31, 2008

Prakash Amte--Gandhi's Soul Reborn?

Just the other day, I was with friends at my house ,in a sort of show ,put together by my friend Makarand Vaidya.The passion he had while presenting it was natural and obvious.'While the presentation was on,I had this feeling that...The soul that Prakash Amte has within should belong to a person like M K Gandhi 'The Mahatma''.Why was this feeling so strong?....
Reason One, I felt that these two people were so similar in what they did : Their ''straight forwardness '','simplicity, 'fearlessness', ''commitment'', ''sense of duty towards the needy and helpless humans'', their 'lifestyle', so much so that even their "appearance" was so similar, that the more I thought about it...I became convinced.
I had the humble Honour of meeting Dr Prakash Amte and his wife and staying with them. Infact Mrs Mandakini Amte and her daughter in law made sure that we celebrated 'Diwali' at Hemalkasa in their midst. Both of them made the ritualistic foods ;which are made in most homes during those days themselves and saw to that ,our short stay was a memorable one.Living cut off from the modern developed infrastructure and civilisaton, in adverse conditions,'come rains, heat or heavy weather and performing the difficult and most necessary service ,for the most deserving and unattended adivasi bretheren(Madia Gonds) in the most simplistic manner and such natural ease....made us an ''ashamed lot''.
Proving rightly to be the legal decendants of Baba Amte alongwith Sadhana Amte , Dr Prakash Amte and Dr. Madakini Amte...have been recognised by the World at large with the Ramon Magsaysay Award for 2008. Having seen them work and stayed with them I was so happy for them and the Lok Biradari people that my happiness knew no was sheer celebration of the ''victory of Faith and Hard dedicated work'' that was Blessed . It was as if I was one of the blessed ones too!
Dr Vikas Amte and Dr Bharati Amte,though not recognised in this award, very well are a part of this with equal honours.Maybe their work will be appreciated with another such Blessing in a different form. I am very well aware of thier work at ,''Ánandvan '' ,'Somnath'and ''Mulgavhan(Zari)'' that are the continuation of their persistant,committed zeal to emancipate from their misery,those, who are not so lucky as us.
The next(3rd ) generation also needs a big pat on their backs and support from us people,They are the fruits of the same Genre,Tree,Genus,(पिंड) it what you may. In this modern era, not getting distracted by the society that beckons the youth, with such varied "Lures" they are working with the same missionary zeal to fulfill the dreams seen by Baba Amte.

Many dedicated volunteers like Vilas & Renuka Manohar, Gopal & Prabha Phadnis, Dada & Baban Panchal, Jagan Machkale, Manohar & Sandhya Yempalwar etc. since then, have joined Lok Biradari Prakalp . Dr. Digant and Aniket sons of Prakash and Mandakini have also joined Lok Biradari Prakalp.

As my love towards this sacred work multiplies.......I only can re -dedicate myself to work towards lending my support to this ""Honourable Amte Family"' who bring great Laurels to Humanity at large and India in particular.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Guru Purnima, Sadguru,Guru Shishya Parampara

Blessings on the day of Guru Purnima !
It is not to be mistaken for 'Plain Teacher's Day' even though teacher's day is no less!To understand Guru or rather 'Sadguru' we must acknowledge the fact that ,we cannot select a Sadguru or make Anyone. We are the source of 'lesser' knowledge and achievement.He/She is the one who will choose from amongst us, who is worthy of being his 'Shishya' or 'Chela'.
Let us first find out what Guru Purnima is:
It is the full moon day in the month of Aashaad.
Sadguru is the one whom we remember and honour....
"Vihangam Yoga Says:[1]:
There is a lot of darkness in this world - the darkness of evils , the darkness of illiteracy about the truth of oneself, the darkness of maya and nature that forbids you from the truth of this world.The one who takes you away from this darkness of nature into a state of light that shows who you are , where are you from , whom actually you belong to, and what is the actual aim of having this human form is called the Satguru.Satguru is the one who has seen the God and who is capable enough to show it to his disciples. "
This Guru- Shishya( paramapra) tradition has it's roots long back in history ...
"Often a guru will assert that he or she is capable of leading a shishya directly to the highest possible state of spirituality or consciousness, sometimes referred to within Hinduism as moksha. In the bhakti guru-shishya relationship the guru is often believed to have supernatural powers, leading to the deification of the guru."

The Navnath lineage is one should be revered..
"The Navnath (Navanatha or Nao Nath) are the nine saints, Masters or Naths on whom the Navnath Sampradaya, the lineage of the nine gurus is based. They are worshipped collectively as well as individually.[1] This sampradaya or parampara, is a part of the Nath Sampradaya (lineage) of Hindu mythology [2]"

What does a Shishya get from his Guru is a question all the practical humans who always want rather than give , will ask?Materialistic humans have no place here for this give and take.But I must say the experience of the 'Chelas" have been according to their (samarpan) i.e. devotion and dedication.

This is a topic which is unending and not easily fathomable ...And it only is that you need to be as strong a character as 'Valya' to be "Valmiki" ...Valya a 'dacoit' who used to 'way lay' people in the jungles/forests to become a Rishi or Sage and write the 'Ramayana". Alltough one school of thought think otherwise.
" When the fisherman Valya undertook chanting for sixty thousand years he finally became Sage Valmiki. According to another school of thought Sage Valmiki’s real name was Ratnakar, not Valya the fisherman. Valmik is the name of a species of ants which builds anthills. These ants built an anthill on the body of a sage named Ratnakar. Hence people began calling him Sage Valmiki'

Friday, July 4, 2008

Be a Sport! -Life isn't funny! It's history repeating itself!

Why is it dangerous to let your man's mind wander? It's too little to be out alone.

Tickles all women's funny bone....but can they be as sporting if they are the subject of a joke? In fact not all humans are the same and all react in different fashions...rather ways. Desmond Morris is one of the better exponents of Human behaviour and I think that every thinking human should read his works. he says that all animals have behaviour of a kind and think in certain ways but one has to study and understand them.Each has a different way of being the most ambidextrous of the lot. .....True, but I feel that:He is also the worst of the lot though!

Humans have so much to their disposal but are bent upon finishing themselves.Extinction of other species is okay but they are doing it to themselves too!You can't be worse than that! Where are we going and what are we after?

Humour is just a way to make light of the problems and worries in a persons lives. Universally known is the fact that the most funny and humorous is the saddest or letdown person with very few true friends....It is a way of tackling life! They do not want to see the sadness , pain,poverty,worry etc....on other fellow beings as they know how depressing or defeating it could be to be that way all the time.

So also are other passions and hobbies pursued.Great Artists are born out of pain....go into the pasts of great biographies and check their lives...and the lessons learnt.We always remain small kids...not listening to or paying heed to advice,written words and experiences of other fellow beings from the past or present.W want to experience all ourselves and then reinvent the wheel.

As crazy as humans are with Nature and is nature and life with them." What goes around ...comes around","As you sow , So you reap! "all well known lines ,words and no avail. "My cow milks, me ","Child is the father of Man", "Let bygones be Bygones", all true !! But do we listen?Follow?Think? We go right on and commit the same mistakes....just proving the same rules over and over again..

LIFE then is different faces,different times.....same mistakes,same lessons...different but same..

Isn't Life Funny? His..story....repeats It self !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time to Buy shares for Indian Investors!

I am not an expert, but this is my gut feeling. If you have money to invest ,this is the time to buy good scrips in the BSE. Good shares are at nearly 50% their real value and all this is because of panic selling and fears due to increase in petroleum prices.
I know that happens many a time in life which all never imagine. The agriculturalist doesn't sow that crop which is sold lowest the earlier year, The same happens in varied fields and so will it happen to the shareholder.
The world is not ending guys!...there is a tomorrow and a brighter future for those who think with care and logic. Check with your broker friends or bankers or those who understand shares. Get the names of those companies who have good fundamentals and if you have the money , go invest in good companies.....After all...all are not going to close down..