Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Swami Vikasananda Smrutibimb (Reflections of Memories)

Vikas Ashram Nagpur..... memories of Swami Vikasananda......always remembered and cherished......

Life is Lost in Living
Living is Lost in Livelihood

~ Swami Vikasananda

 His seat of loving reception at Vikas Ashram...Nagpur.

His words in Shripad Ashram , Gwarighat,Jabalpur
On the banks of the Narmada....


  1. .Jai Shree Gurudev Dutta

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Just a Viewpoint..... Friends..
Man made society and then later it's different constituents..
Charles Darwin and other Social Scientists had "Practical Theories"
The human or any animal that procreates needs a mate just like- Food for hunger, Water for thirst, so also a mate for sex...
So ,therefore:-" Might is Right" was Nature's way of survival and many an individual was deprived of a mate......
An institution called marriage was constituted
Now.. all this is 'under the garb of civilisation' a forced act.
Taking advantage of this...the MCPs take this to their convenience and then are born... words like Duty,Adultery,Blasphemy etc....
If an individual Male or Female doesn't get their "need" food or water...and sex what does one do?
Each individual has "A Choice" which he/she call MY CHOICE....
Sex is just one part of many choices but it is the one which most disturbs the MALE EGO ....
I Rest my case..