Friday, September 16, 2016

Completing Sixty

I am surely blessed.Thank you "creator".I feel deeply conscious of the fact that I have been given such a wonderful 'life'.

The best of Parents, I couldn't wish for anything better. Many a times I question myself .."What did I do to deserve this"? Serendipity !! The number of times I look back and inquire, I only get to hear within, the 2 words which I believe in..Fate & Destiny.

The country I was born in, the education I received,the friends I have made,The people I have met,the experiences I went through till date,the relatives,siblings,guides ,teachers,schools of learning etc etc..... All point to one direction....blessed by destiny and fate.

I have been through a journey of learning from life and experience and understood all this very slowly.. I have to accept that my maturity and mental growth was very slow in the early years....and thankfully so.It was only when I passed out from School and went to college that I started philosophical growth..I became so sensitive to all my words and actions that I almost feared telling Lies.

I was never upset when I was known as Mr M A Vairale's son or Kiran Vairale's brother...They both made me feel proud ; due to their own achievements I their respective fields...I have never felt ashamed too as my father was a highly respected, non corrupt politician and my sister, a a non-compromising actress of repute.

The most I felt proud about was to be called My Mother's son !! She has always been my strength, energy and motivation. The only girl to her parents, who were farmers having 400 acres of land but married to a lawyer with no roof over his head and no possessions to his name. She taught me to stay on the ground and be practical, lovable and humble. Her attitude towards 'each and everyone' was always and still is the same... A woman who "never" complains about anything to anyone.Accepts life as is and smiles in all situations. She is a true "Laxmi"...Vijaya.

I am greatly  blessed with 3 lovely children who have been such wonderful and proud possessions given to me by my wife Vandana. I will always be indebted to her. 

Kirti and Naina the daughters have made me a proud father and Kamlesh and Ganesh a proud Father-in-law. Both the girls chose their own partners with the freedom given to them by me as it was given to me by my Parents.This seemed to me  as the ultimate blessing, as you know what the father's on our society have to go through. May the creator give them all a Blessed life ahead.

Rishi my son has always been a surprise ! A true Nature lover, a sensitive person who can relate with all non speaking products of Nature.He is a very 'home loving/ boy who has various talents.I couldn't have asked for more.

My Sister and Dad have made a name for themselves and our family which are popularly known and it is an "extra" boost in my Life ...making things so much more easy and enjoyable with "perks" never thought of.My Sister's husband is a true 'Gem'...actually much more..

Looking back i can only recollect a song that could explain things in a easier way....

.Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

On my face book timeline I wrote.... I am 18 with 42 years of experience...and that's
what I feel really but I have to compromise with reality and accept my short comings.
Going into the 61st year i am now on to another plain....Much more deep , profound and serious about what "life" is all about.
My goals are they are :-
Look after my Mother
Keep everyone smiling,
Help all the deserving
Serve the one's who are in 'real' need.
Share my experiences with those who ask
Lead a healthy and rich life full of my unattended desires
and pray that 'the good sense' comes to all around.
I pray for peace and love for all in "my Small World"