Friday, January 30, 2009

Deserving Institutions that CARE for Humanity....

1) Swaranandwan
Swaranandwan is a unique orchestra having its own colours and individuality. Dr. Vikas Amte with the help of “Share and Care & UNICEF” has written, directed and staged this Orchestra in 2002. It contains Marathi & Hindi songs, mimicry, folkdances and much more. The purpose of this orchestra is to provide a platform for the talent of Leprosy cured patients; Visually Challenged (blind) orally and autistically challenged (deaf and dumb) also physically challenged (handicapped). It is really amazing and also very touching to see when these challenged boys and girls dance to the beat of music.This Orchestra also gives opportunity to these children, to earn their livelihood with respect and self esteem. It has given their Life a purpose. This has saved them from social rejection, depression and dejection or else they would have to lead a life at other people’s mercy.

2) Maharogi Sewa Samiti (Anandwan)A message received on the New Year’s Eve from Dr Vikas Amte (elder son of late Baba Amte) reads, “MSS Anandwan enters 60th year. Eventful, relentless battle and journey continues. We are focused and determined to carry out Baba Amte’s mission and unfinished agenda ‘from Pen friendship to Pain friendship and from Stones to Milestones”. We need you to be with us in our common cause more than ever. HAPPY NEW YEAR and best of luck to you and our nation.”It speaks volumes. Baba is the only person with three generations, carrying out his mission with the same zeal and with modifications suiting the changed circumstances. It is to doubt whether Baba and his work is known to even 0.1% Indians. The commonly known probably are Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Bharat Jodo and Narmada Bachao movements. These are but the tip of an Iceberg. More than 300 hundred or more pages would be insufficient to describe the work done by him and his three generations with a wide number of activities.

3) Prism Foundation
Since 18 years, Prism Foundation is working in the field of special education through its four branches. Its Phoenix School is taking care of children who cannot cope up with the mainstream schools due to learning difficulties/short comings e.g. Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, poor concentration, weak memory etc. LARC (Learning Assistance Research Centre) is moulding the special children having multiple disabilities like mental retardation, Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, autism etc. Madhavi Ogale Vocation School equips these challenged children above 18 years, with skills like baking, canning, file making, screen printing and actual operations in production and sale of these products .Through the Bennu Training Institute, Prism Foundation is creating awareness and understanding of special education not only in mainstream schools but in society at large. It also provides In-house professional training as well as training to teachers, students from other educational Institutes.It is the aim of Prism Foundation to take special education one step closer to the needy child. Prism Foundation is committed to see that this special child grows and develops not only into an educated being but a well groomed all round adult with high moral values and standards in Life. The Foundation doesn’t get any aid from the government. It runs mainly on donations by individuals and organizations; partially on fees paid by the students. Financial aid from a large organization would help create a better infrastructure with new improved facilities.

4) Jnyana Prabodhini Sholapur’s school at Harali, District OsmanabadOur Society is very sensitive and responsive to natural calamities. This was proven during the Earthquake in 1993 whose epicenter was Khilari. Such memories are short lived too. Tons of food and clothes are poured in immediately after the Quake. Only a few consider long term needs. Jnyana Prabodhini Solapur was one who did. After the initial dust settled, they toured the area to understand such needs and realized that a good quality education was needed for those affected. The number of students was high for such school in that area and travelling facilities were poor. A non grant school was established in 1993.Surely the facility and quality of education would differ in a rural setup unlike in Pune, but the moral conduct and cultivation of good values could always be taught. At present the strength of the school is 448 of which 218 are residential students. They have purchased about 60 acres of land and planted around 5000 trees. In the last a respectable building of 40,000 Sq.Ft. has been constructed. The present need of an additional area for residential students along with an accommodation for its staff and teachers is to be fulfilled.

5) Samaj Shikshan Mandal Vinzar’s Amruteshwar Arts College at the foot of Rajgad, District Pune.Should we not be ashamed that VELHE Taluka of Pune District is one of the 40 backward ones in India? We know about Torna Fort and are aware that Rajgad was the head quarter of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj the powerful Maratha, for many years. The Taluka boundary starts at 30kms from Pune but the areas between Panshet Dam on one side and Velhe (the Taluka head quarter) on the other is not connected by an all weather road until this day. On one hand it has a rainfall of 300-400 mm but the area faces scarcity of drinking water during summer. Once upon a time a good number of residents worked in cities like Mumbai in the Mills providing support to their brethren. That picture has changed and the children, especially girls face a problem for education. It is costly to send children outside for education. The college, run by Samaj Shikshan Mandal, although aided by the government, needs help to fulfill modern and new facilities. The village has 900-1000 students for which a building is provided by the trust and the High school is run by Vivekanand Society of Kolhapur. This being the foundational activity a better building needs to be provided.At present it is only an Arts College but more can be done for its betterment and expansion of activities in more areas & more acres of land is proposed to be purchased and in there, buildings and sports facilities are to be constructed.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sadguru - A humble reverence to our Gurus

I thank the Lord for making this Year a special one for me. The production of a music CD was not even a dream in my life.I never had thought or wondered about it. It has happened though..
Funnily things happen in a chain of events.Going back in time wondering how I met the people involved in the making of this CD, makes me aware of the Destiny and Fate both which I believe in.
There surely is a life Pre-written and events can't be altered.One link undone breaks the entire chain.Such planning with so many souls in the universe is dumbfounding.I have to say that I am Blessed.
This CD is about what a "SADGURU" GIVES TO HIS DISCIPLE. The Sadguru is the knowledgeable one.he knows who has the capacity and rightful destiny to become his Shishya(disciple) It is a serious relationship(Sambandh)Unlike Gurus and their Chelas spoken of lightly in good humour.
You do not 'make' a Guru.He chooses his disciple.he decides whim to give what and also teaches through his actions and words the Philosophy and secret of LIFE. I have earlier written about Life,Living and Livelihood.
The seriousness of the Relation is so great that, even a Mother can't dream of.She does give birth by keeping you in her womb for 9 months.Finally pushing you out in to the world.A Guru takes you within him and lives the life along with you(the disciple)he guides him/her and protects too.This is a Sambandh,not a Sampark like all other relations.Sampark is contact by some man made relationship.Being a part of the whole is different as is being a connection to a social group like Family etc...
This Music CD tells you of what is given by the Guru,What is received by the disciple and how.The feelings and emotions, their intensity and value.The songs have been penned by Prof. Narayandas Chotia and the Music has been Composed by my Dear friend Anand Modak.Mr Chotia is my friend ,philosopher,guide,mentor,family,disciple of His Sadguru Swami Vikasanand. Lambé Maharaj is the name of Sahab(Swami Vikasanand)He has written this as his memoirs pertaining to the relation ship between him and his Guru.he says he does write poetry but nothing like what has come of his pen in The memory of his Satugru.
Anand has devotedly and with great dedication composed the music which he believes has 'come' to him by the grace of the almighty.It is truly inspirational.
The singers, Ravindra Sathe,Devki Pandit,Raghunandan Panshikar,Roopkumar Rathod and Jayshree Shivram are extraordinary.Their soul speaks in these song recitals.
Narendra Bhide is amazing in his work and his studio is a place of worship.The Music arrangement was superb and the technicians were wonderful.All the rhythm artists,percussionists,etc...were very talented.
The words take the cake.While listening to this CD you tend to love music,melody and voice but when you get involved the words take your attention away from it all.The meanings are deep.
I saw the CD on the rack in Crossword and was unbelievably amazed.I bought the last copy there.I am in the 7th heaven and just waiting to tell the world about what I produced..
God has been Kind to me.