Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Sense and sensibility

It has always been a thing to bother when you are talking proper sense and the one oppsite you never understands it , forget about going into depth and trying to fathom it.The only question then remains is whether one can buy sense in some shop or generate it,induce it,grow it......etc.

Where were you standing when God was distributing brains at birth? is the only frustated remark that comes to mind.Why do we forget that man is born with limitations? he/she is made up of a DNA and genetic makeup.All are not wise,brilliant or fools....Each has a growth graph,pattern and constitutional capacity.We call it destiny or fate.

Do not bother your brains if someone doesen't understand what you say.

When it rains, it pours !!

They all came all in a united wave...

The Gogamedi Fair is a traditional Rajasthani cattle and handicraft fair. It's held to pay tribute to regional hero Gogaji, believed to be a snake God. One of the big attractions of the fair is the rustic singing and dancing.

The Ladakh Festival is a cultural extravaganza, and main showcase event for the region. It has plenty to offer tourists, including polo-match, music concerts, mask dances from the monasteries, motorbike/cycle expedition to Khardung-la, Thanka painting exhibition, archery, river rafting, and folk songs. Hotel and local transport discounts are available for the duration of the festival.
Note: The Ladakh Festival will not be held this year due to the recent tragic flood in Leh.

The festival of Krishna Janmashtami, also known as Govinda, commemorates the birthday of Lord Krishna. An extremely fun part of the festival involves people climbing on each other and forming a human pyramid to try and reach and break open clay pots filled with curd, which have been strung up high from buildings.

The spectacular eleven day Ganesh Chaturthi festival honors the birth of the beloved Hindu elephant-headed god, Lord Ganesha. The start of the festival sees huge, elaborately crafted statutes of Ganesha installed in homes and podiums, which have been especially constructed and beautifully decorated. At the end of the festival, the statutes are paraded through the streets, accompanied by much singing and dancing, and then submerged in the ocean.

Aadhaar card is going to make me close my Facebook account soon

I believe I was born in one of the best periods of Human existence. 1956 up to seen it ALL. From "Foot to Flight". but alas!!

I am coming under surveillance of all sorts in modern society. "Man certainly is  born free (but lives in Bondage)"  and as we progress in time we regress in thought and 'a certain few want to have a control over most'. The power of money and the control of Power is now so embedded in the human mind for " Success" So dismally unfortunate.. I, Would rather be born as a nondescript animal on Mother Earth.

Capitalism and Greed go together..... the poison of the Human race. Not that Dictatorship and inhuman communism is any better. The human race is under a "Spell". The Ethics, Morals,Reason and Logic is all wrong and leading us in to an Abyss of self destruction.... I cannot see ahead  of me, the so called " Light at the end of the Tunnel ".

Social media , Politics, Business, and so on belongs to a "Handful" all others are like ants and insects.
God and religion are manipulative tools. Dreams are hopes sold and Achievements are Targets met to be en cashed. Humans are manipulated by Psychology and games are played to entice, lure and addict.

Where is Truth and Reality ? Where is originality and Purity ? Where is Humanity?

Has Man fallen to the depths of self hype and self foolery? Is feeling, love,sensitivity,compassion,empathy etc....DEAD ??

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

It is all so disgusting...Caste creed religion..Human creations

Getting older seems very punishing.

Look at how things are changing...and at what speed? Alvin Toffler was indeed right !!!

All there at the press of a button but alas!!! Common sense is still a "Rare" thing !

I am now so very sure that the Human was at his/her Existential  best in the "Stone Age" 

I am saddened to see people "forcing" their ideas onto others and not having respect for "Individual opinion" 

Respect for the learned and old experienced elders is totally very rare !!

Materialism has killed Compassion.

Empathy,Sympathy, are now only words.

Love and care are just typed,voiced,but not alive and existent !!  

Relatives are a pain and; Friends are only to be "Used" 

The opposite sex are only sex objects and subjects.

Loyalty is only toward Brands !!

Siblings and Parents are but just a biological happening

Friends are only those in "important" places.

Money is something to do "Anything" for.... 'executing' is a every day goal.

Self publicity is superior to Self Respect...

Male chauvinism ad Female Equality are the Rulers of the New world !!

Fame and Wealth are the goals 

Ethics and Morals are just Trolls

Values, duties, emotions are doing an disappearing  act ...

and life seems to be a punishment.... for a Fact !!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Emagine (cause it's on internet)

Oh a smile she must have
a lot of humour too
Empathy and compassion
and determination as a salve

Give and take of care and love
patience and principle be her way
friendly, helpful should her nature be
and her own personal affinity

Grey  matter there be I pray
so as not to go astray
Common sense be presently there
for life else one won't know where

A mother's heart and a wife's part
a companion for eternity
a sensible fashion without aplomb
just to make her look like a bomb

A manager to guide me and my life
a bonding human for relativity
Practical and sensitive he nature be
for,me, my family and maternity

A lover a friend an audience
a maker, an artist a performer
Hoping , wishing for a compatible mate
nothing to do with anger and hate

Responsibilities shared and ego never aired
happy go lucky be a a life that is shared
But alas hope and wish is all one can
Or else ordering on Internet would be a BAN.

~ c m vairale