Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Friendship....Male and Female

Both a creation of Nature, will continue to be debated ....

The 'way' a human is born has been discovered and how it grows too but we haven't yet been able to substitute the 'Female womb'.

Genes and DNA can be deciphered but to make a 'particular perfect human' has been an impossibility.Cloning is copying Nature....but the characteristics would be restricted to a part and not an entirety.

The attraction of Males and Females is a natural one or else we would not have multiplied the way we do. So that is beyond personal control.As every person is 'unique' and so will respond differently to similar situations.

Humans all over the Earth have come up in different Geographical,Cultural,Educational,Social,Economical,Religious,...so on and so forth....conditions. Thereby their,Ethics,Morals,Habits,Parental/Teachings etc..etc... will differ...having no common grounds even in the same country.

Humans grew up with the law of the Jungle.Humans settled down and formed a 'civilized' society. The rules were made by a Male dominated or even a fully male group of thinkers.But they put sense into 'jungle' living.
The 'Survival of the fittest' and Might is right laws of Nature were put in control by Rules and regulations,Bans and censures....So then each male/female got a 'mate' for the most natural urge of sex with the institution of 'Marriage'

All this is quite serious and so is the requirement by each individual for food,water,sleep,sex,etc..So how do we balance all this?What about availability and need when one is away for days on end...Why do we always think of Ethics,morals,etc....all set by us humans?What about 'Mother Nature' who made us all.

All relations and relationships are human creations..The names we give and the restrictions we put....all due to prevention of 'inbreeding',wrong genetics,Blood groups...etc...

So a Friend could be a male or a female so a male-male is OK but a female-male is not if it is without sex...and vice-verse ? I just differ to go into thoughts of sitting as a "Judge" on every action of Humans..

Sanctimony is a human creation ...But when one lives in an educated developed society....one should compare an apple to an apple and not have any thought across the board.

Whether Indian or western...the human remains the same...
Here are some good references by modern studies...



A lot more can be said and explained...but this should give each a clear idea and keep Religion,Culture,Country,...(all man made) ...out of this!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

25 years ago...this day...

Father was up and ready early in the morning, having shaved and bathed. He was waiting for the social and political local leaders he had called to discuss various burning issues of the region. Several issues agitated his mind. Why is it that the proposed coach building factory had not been sanctioned for Akola? Why no effective demand was being raised for shifting the headquarters of the Cotton Corporation of India to Akola known as a rich cotton growing, processing, trading town with several textiles mills located there. He was visibly unhappy that the local leaders were not taking up these issues in right earnest.

While pacing up and down, he lit a cigarette when he suffered a massive stroke. He slumped on his bed, never to recover. Doctors were summoned. But to no avail. He was dead. Our black prairie dog lay under is bed, refusing to eat or drink for three days. It was ‘Shani Amavasya’, Saturday, 16th April 1988.

His heart always beat for the people of his soil. He lived and died as a ‘Bhoomiputra’. He was only two when his freedom fighter mother was sentenced to jail. He too became a prisoner to be with his mother. His mother’s brother was a revolutionary and even hid arms at home. Having had such a surrounding, it was natural for father to follow in the footsteps of his mother and uncle. He was jailed twice and after the Independence was elected the first and youngest  President of the Freedom Fighters Association in Akola.

An avid reader, he was an enchanting orator who moved the audience. Chief ministers and even the Prime Minister showered him with praises for his oratory and sought him out as the star campaigner during elections. Even his political opponents acknowledged his oratorical prowess. Just five feet in height, he rose to immense heights in social and political stature in Maharashtra.

I was in Mumbai with my family when I got to know the news of his death. I was so dazed that I could remember only vaguely how we reached Akola. His people had already taken over his body and the last rites. I simply did what people told me to do. I told mother to take care of herself and expect everything to be as it was when he had left the ministry and given up his ticket in 1972 to honor the wishes of Mrs Indira Gandhi who wanted all those who had enjoyed an office in the government to make way for newer blood and devote their time and energy on party organization. It was then that he suffered massive myocardial infarction.  Having no office and position, all his fair-weather friends and relations left him.

I told Aai (Mother), “phones will stop ringing, so will the doorbell, letters will dwindle. He left Ministry in ’72 and now he died as a sitting MP. Never be afraid of the future. We would never be compelled to go back to a chawl where my sister Kiran and I were born. We will make a better life, so what if father has left us with no money.

In the last 25 years we have become richer in terms of friends and well-wishers earned. 

I pray in the memory of a everlasting memory of Madhusudan A Vairale my departed ,beloved,Father....that the dreams he saw for his people will come true....someday...