Saturday, October 31, 2015

You can change

You can change
~ c m vairale
You can change yourself
so can you change your like and dislikes
You can change your attitude
but what if lightning strikes?
You can change your relationship
so can you change friends and enemies
You can change your habits
but what about Fate, Destiny and life's vagaries?
You can change your pace of life
so can you control stress and strain
You can change whims and fancies
but what about the quakes,fires and lashing rains?
You can change your job
so can you changes businesses and careers
You can change quality and quantity too
but what about your love ,inborn "nature" and fears?
The Human is but Genomes, dna and mind
Search the universe and you shall find
change what you wish but life unveils
which ship, which waters which banks, which sails?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Out of the Blue ~c m vairale

More than a dozen years have passed
as if it was yesterday
More than a dozen versions have changed
and it changes even today

The computer has been my friend to no end
I survive because of the internet
Self learning and teaching every interested friend
Whose friendship will never whet

Logical though it is, seems magical to me
Learning the different ways
Using and chatting ,typing on each key
Minutes seem seconds and hours consume days

Then there are chats and social groups now
the changes grow daily with interest
You meet different people from all over ..and how 
!Enjoy with your heart and let worries rest.

From the world over , but seem nearby friends
happenstance or missing contacts
A new relationship begins with all odds and ends
Messages,thoughts and exchange of dictats

Click,start and select your web link wanted
voila ! the modem comes into action
Go on check,read, like and reply undaunted
All in good faith and intention

Beware though when one opens the closet unshown
All your ware is on display
Out of the blue there may be mistakenly thrown
Secrets , tales dark and grey...

Monday, October 19, 2015


~ C M Vairale
Ask yourself
are you representing the people?
did you win their votes "rightfully"?
Are you doing justice to your election?
are you being true to your promises?
The real,genuine,faithful answer will be NO
You want fame
you want power
you want money
you want, you will never give
the real politician doesn't talk, he/she acts!!
Fooling yourself and the people
fooling the country
fooling the cause and trust laid
fooling your own destiny
Your end will show you the right result of your deeds
You use religion and public sentiment
you use falsehood to hide your deeds
you deny justice by not fighting for it
you can back stab anyone in your path
The children and spouse will never respect you ever
Politics is not a profession
it is a self elected mission
It is a commitment to social work
It is a dedication to the Nation
Filling your coffer without anything to Offer