Monday, April 14, 2008

Why is China seeing Red In Tibet?

I am at a loss of the fight Humans have and their reasons for doing so.To co-exist in Harmony is probably not the law of Humans as it is of NATURE. Reds Spilling Red blood of their own Brothers. An entire National regime against one Man - The Dalai Lama ! Peace disturbed in one of the most sanctified and religious places -Tibet !
Selfishness, stubbornness, Highhandedness.....what is it? A peaceful people disturbed by an Olympic movement ? Olympics was at the fore during Hitler too and so also a subject to terrorism for a forced cause. Does a movement like Olympics which is meant to bring everyone close together need to be "used" by anyone whatsoever?
Mankind has to introspect and take a fresh look at approach of things. A host Nation needs to be serious in outlook and not act like a hypocrite. The rule of nature can't be played about with.
Are the circles of the Olympic flag opening up into Question Marks.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Most Important Issue Of Global Warming!

The Facts!
3.7 tonnes of CO2 will offset 1 Person flying from London to Sydney (Australia) and back. This can be done by planting 5 trees!
850 pounds is the same as 386.4 kgCO2 (0.3864 tonnes CO2). This is the equivalent of an average UK house’s electricity, gas, coal and oil usage for 2 weeks!
Insulating your home by adding hot water tank lagging to your home’s hot water tank will save 150 kgCO2 per year. This is equivalent to a one way flight from London to Barcelona.
About 10% of all electricity used in UK homes is consumed by electronic items left on standby. By switching appliances off standby 150 kgCO2 per year can be saved. A PC monitor switched off over night saves enough energy to microwave 6 dinners!
Switching off the lights when not in the room saves 30 kgCO2 per year. Lighting an office overnight wastes enough energy to heat water for 1000 cups of tea!
Turning down your thermostat by 1 degree can save as much as 10% off electricity bills, 300 kgCO2 per year. This is equivalent to a return flight from London to Barcelona.
Drive smoothly, check the road ahead, anticipate traffic and avoid harsh braking and acceleration. Eco-driving can reduce fuel consumption by around 10%, saving 280 kgCO2 per year. This is the equivalent to a return flight from London to Milan, Italy.
An average petrol car making a saving of 10 miles a week = 520 miles a year = 175 kgCO2. This is approximately equivalent to a return flight from London to Belfast.
If every home in the UK changed just 3 light bulbs, enough energy would be saved to light the UK’s street lamps.
1 Tree will offset on average about 10 kgCO2 each year
Not using a screensaver equates to a saving of 810 kWh per year = 348 kgCO2. This is the equivalent of a return flight from London to Madrid.
Washing your clothes at 30°C could save 40% of your washing machines energy consumption, saving 35 kgCO2 per year.