Monday, August 11, 2008

India finally strikes Individual Gold!

It was not even 24 hrs after my earlier post that Abhinav Bindra disproved or proved my point and contention. He has given India it's first Individual Gold ever and by which he has done what was most needed by so many Indians.Lead by Example !!

The generations to come will now have their Own National Idol.The government will have hopefully take more serious interest in sports in particular and it's promotion as a subject in schools and college.The Media will now lay stress on Individual Talent and Capacities for social support towards the pride of the Nation.Parents will have more incentive to make their child a winner if he possesses the talent!Health will now be a bigger issue for physical fitness and achievement in sports!

I hope Abhinav(Unique) is now not merely a name given to new borns but an Idol of achievement for growing kids. I hope he is a lesson to all educationists , Principals of schools and colleges ,Leaders of all organisations and institutions to give Individual sports talent it's due and worthy place with their full backing and support.

This Proud moment has given me drive and motivation for further achievement in my own field and fight with readiness of an International competition.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More than full marks to China

This is the way one can put all arguments and misconceptions to rest!!!...CHINA has done it with a finesse! The opening ceremony of the Olympics.....was really an eye opener for one and all who watched it.
I was .....all the adjectives in the dictionary! Dumbfounded and with tears of joy while I watched with AMAZEMENT. What the people present saw was really making me jealous to no extent.Lucky people who could see it live,in person,without media in between.I was simply envious.In fact even people with a broad mind and heart would too!!!!
I salute that country! I have friends who have been there and those who made me feel I should have a visit too! I also appreciate the "'ONE RELIGION'''' or even No religion environment!Work & progress,go together.Focus,corruption free atmosphere,single window clearance and infrastructural support lead to making of a Nation with an Ideal!!
When will we learn?The world's second largest country with a sad Olympics record, low level accredition in behaviour,cleanliness,tourist safety,sad infrastructure ,having a high corruption record, high pollution and safety record, and so much more....I do accept we do have good things but what about our shortcomings????
A parallel economy in Undeclared wealth, religious sector with it's various celebrations,mafia & bollywood films,political underhand dealings......and many more.I doubt India will even come near to the Chinese progress or economy.If it does.....I will be the happiest person on this globe.

The only country with the longest and largest communist idealism.I must say needs a bow!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Celebrating Aai's(Mother's) Birthday

7o years of love,care,service and sacrifice.My mother, not because she's mine.....has seen it all.
Since childhood, i have been a witness to all kinds of emotions this humble soul has endured and experienced.I remember things as far as 47 years ago. All those experiences are now far behind and here I see a woman who is finally a soul ,doing things as it would like to and enjoying seeing the family grow.It was my younger sister's idea that we give her a surprise and celebrate her 70th birthday.
It gave me a great chance to call close and dear friend with their families that I have gathered in the last 8 years of my stay in Pune. Life has been very benevolent.I have collected all those souls who are mutually comfortable,compassionate,caring. a family much closer and dearer than the one that comes along with your birth and marriage.Wonderful people who make you feel that 'LIFE' has been very worthwhile and that you are wanted,loved and cared for.
I have had this wonderful opportunity to see those who love and care for my Mother with such warmth and respect...thanks to my dear sister Kiran. In fact Kiran,Fahd and their son Asad all have been real darlings having come all the way to give Mom a nice and happy surprise.Their visit fills my Mom's heart with such excitement and love that she is overwhelmed and consumes much more oxygen during their stay than during her normal days.I could see her uncontrollable surprise and sheer exhaustion due to breathless amazement when they all walked in the house ,unannounced.
It was a great day and a superb evening.All responded so well and this is a moving moment.I could not even much so was my joy and gratefulness toward the almighty for having shown me this gathering. It was like a mother just went on and on....why did you arrange all this?? all caring humble souls do. For once my entire family,wife and three kids(now all grown ups though) were present. This happened after 5 years following my cousin Yayati's wedding.
His family was there felt so good to see him with my aunt,his wife Jayee,nieces Kairavi and Akhila the newly born.They all attended with so much commitment.I have made during these past 8 years such wonderful friends. that life has given me more meaning and reasons to enjoy my presence in humanity.The wholeness of your existence and it's usefulness brings great and soul warming joy.Why should man need forced/purchased pleasure when it simply flows freely through such humans. The wealth in people is in the greatness of their minds and hearts.
I had a hard time keeping my feet planted to the ground, like my mother had always taught me to do.
Never have I seen my mother change due to conditions in which she is or either because of the condition people are in.In the eyes of my mother....all are equals.The social hangups or wealth,caste,creed,elitism,age,appearance....are all null and void for her.She never reserves a smile or commitment for anyone. What she is what she portrays. That is how she has brought us up as a son and daughter.The final certificate was issued by all those who were so happy to see my sister Kiran,who has been a film star and has been living in The United States since the last 24 years,behaving in the most normal manner and without a hint of an accent,while speaking in Marathi.
The oldest person was 92yrs old, known to her for the last 51 years and the youngest was of course my Niece Akhila who is 3 months.All of them came with their families and my In-laws were there along with my Co brother's family.The food was appreciated too.It all went of so well and then there were all those who wanted me,my sis and others to speak their emotions.The moving words brought tears of joy as well as happiness and warmth....even perhaps an unfulfilled wish.....not all is Life.
My children and their friends only proved, that the legacy of the social image of the Vairale family will carry on with flying colours.Kirti my eldest daughter came 2 days before the function with her friends Mamta and Vishal.They were a great help. Naina the youngest was at her political best.My son Rishi played the major part of a Photographer and surprised us all by his involvement and presence. I say this because he wasn't there on my 50th birthday celebration.His friends,Amit,Udrula were there to help and another one Apoorva dropped in too!
As it was Kirti's birthday in a couple of days,Sachin her friend came too.
Dr G Y Shende was there with his wife Kusum, Ashwini was there with Tanvi her daughter,Vahini with Gargi and Ashu, the Desai family,Aparna and Sunita Kulkani with their kids,Makarand came with a compassionate twinkle in his eye and a Tulsi sapling for good luck ,The Medsikar family,Nitin Asha,Baai,Sharwari and Shree,Col Karaley,his brother,Narendra my B-I-L with Vaishali and Aarnav,Col. Mishra my Co-brother,Kalpana and Praklap,My friend Ramesh Jadhav and his family,all came......the list will be nearly a 100 people totally.
My friend ,philosopher,guide,Mr Narayandasji Chotiya whose b'day we celebrated at Dilipsingh Gosal's place a couple of days earlier was there along with his daughter Mona and her husband Shailesh.The Gosals,Anita,her husband and Anudeep loved this function.My dear friend Anand Modak with whom I have just made a music CD came with his wife.For Anand my mother is his too...Well wishers aplenty.
This entry is for keeps and record as I will always cherish this day as a blessing from the creator and as a rejuvenating event towards the commitment of Friendship and love at large.