Thursday, August 30, 2007

Unless the 'Gap' is bridged

It is said 'better late than never'. I had an experiences that things do and can happen this way but there is a huge gap between 'understanding' and 'imbibing'. To' know' something is not enough.To understand the progressive results of using that knowledge correctly or incorrectly is more important. Even the 'Law' says ignorance is no excuse.Effort has to be made to be aware of :why,what,where,when,which,who,how.....etc is necessary . If one cannot or has not the capacity to do so,One needs to get and accept help.
What is Maturity? that is what one should find our,Sensibility doesn't come our of Education alone.Application of a lot of characteristics of any given premise is to be done properly.The results obtained in a comprehensive manner are far better than a thing done in a haphazard manner.
It is also as true as your existence that there are limitations with each individual.Each has his/her limitations of absorption,understanding,maturity,speed,reaction,etc....All this what I think is a general but real fact and in reality lies the importance not just a thought of the mind or just a notion.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Years going by...

It only seems to the human mind that the time is passing.What really happens is emotions are felt,lived,more follow.Understanding develops as you age.Emotions grow in number with understanding.There are a number of them, rapidly increasing as one ages.A multitude of such and of course there reactions follow and keep on happening.This experience gives one the sense of Time.Time isn't a tangible or real product.It is a notion.The length of our living is unknown and therefore always an intrigue.We only seem to go after the unknown as we are made that way.How you age should be Qualitative .All humans have a reasoning sense inbuilt in them.They accordingly have their ethics,priorities,reactions,etc.....Asking from someone to do something in a particular way and react in a certain manner is fruitless.....Nothing is in your control.
As the man counts it will be 51yrs tomorrow and I am a mixed bag of emotions like all are ,trying to make sense of things around me.Living with "satisfaction"(searched for and groped around) 'happiness' relatively received and heart fully felt.The brain doesn't match the heart though.We live in a "society" and have to keep 'it" in mind.
How far and How long do I have? is the intrigue that puts a smile on your face and wrinkles on your forehead!
Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

Once you know the birth date, how to compute how old someone is?
A common belief for computer geeks is that an age is a duration.

So to my co sustaining humans......make merry and live the moment!!Adios!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Losing the information

I was quite surprised that the younger generation is quite unaware of the Local festivals,rituals,cultural information.I wonder why? There is a surge of information at the doorstep for the common man.There is the popular TV and it's channels that go in 3 figures.There is the daily,weekly,fortnightly...newspapers,magazines,publications etc..Then there is the rapid popular gain in the radio channel listeners. All college,school,society ,association,temple noticeboards and the mouth to mouth blabber.
There is no real scarcity in information but funnily enough the IT knows no common news...."common sense is not very common" it is said,so is common news I think.What are these educated working class busy with.Is Page 3 ,Sensex,Police file news...the only knowledge awareness within them?or is it 'The Entertainment page' the only page of interest?or is it the only 'IN" things that matter?Do all want to be be top bracket socialites?It is because the plastic money available? or the Loan and Credit schemes?
What are our values,priorities,ethics,plans,foresights......where is this road leading to? I Wonder.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Karma, the theory that puts doubts to rest

I had this experience of a friend losing his wife very early and suddenly!He was in a lot of shock,anger,pain,doubt and being the thinking type and a studious person it bothered him no end.....Why Me ? What have I done bad?Why was I the chosen one? etc...
I do not blame any human for a reaction of this kind.One goes to such extent that he / she would rage aginst the deities in his own "Gods" whom he worships sveryday.There will always be questions. Let me ask you "Why does a hunter choose a Tiger or a Lion rather than a Dog for a hunt?""why do the strongest and most able face defying situations?"Calamities may fall on many at random(according to us) but what ever is planned by the Creator is beyond our imagination or capacity...but there are people who have found answers! "Karma" or the next one will tell you what I want to convey.
Anyway ,things came to quite a rest when My friend came across the thoughts by this man and the inquisitiveness calmed down.
I know that people question you in funny ways.....All your formal education doesn't teach you what vedic philosophy does.Neither is there any answer in any of the sciences available to the common man.To think in a bigger and vast scope is not an average ability. LIFE, LIVING and LIVELIHOOD are 3 different things and each swallows the other therefore all is lost...Life is Lost in Living and Living in Livelihood.One forgets to Live...what a waste!.
more later....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life first punishes and then .....teaches !

India ,My country has been Independent for 60 years.....I am 51 and yet free for only 27 come? Well ,I have been married for 24 you get it? Anyway, life is the best teacher for it has a Long experience of 'TIME".There can be no better way to learn ! I have ,as must have most of you ...learnt through experience. All dream, and live...paint pictures,wish....etc. What is destined happens.....the fate you have been alloted.... it is all you are but a of many! Never sail high on an ego!!! Believe me , only experience will teach you that truth.

I have learnt it at a very young age and live happily now ,without complaints ,all thanks to my teacher"LIFE". It isn't easy but it is the truth.'Live and let live' is the motto...I would say that unless you give up your "Ego" life is going to be difficult irrespective of the material wealth you have.All claims are debatable.....more later