Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What do I make out from this?

Growing up is a process of nature once you are born...isn't it ? What do you do for that? You eat and drink what you are given in childhood and you develop a taste. A taste which reminds you till the end of your living existence. You call it "motherly', 'homely', original ......i.e. close to your heart.

The other tastes you are introduced as per situation,luck,introduction,reading,exposure,chance.
Whatever the reason may be, you have choices and one chooses according to one's liking.Taste cannot be forced neither can liking.It is inborn,ingrained,simply because "each individual is UNIQUE"

Everybody refuses this and makes,insists,forces,reasons, choose or like..this is so irritating and unnatural.Each to his/her own is the law of Nature.The human refuses to accept!
The EGO tries every possible argument ,force,reason,ethics,rule,gimmick, etc.... to make a fellow human do something according to 'his/her' perception!

Al individuals are born with a unique character...i.e. parents,geographical and economic situation,etc....

Their lives are all unique,with their experiences,friends,upbringing,so on and so forth...thereby having unique influences and biases...there may be common denominators but the fraction is a different one always.

''The forced urge and want to 'make' people think,influence and force them,not asking their personal choice,giving them space,chance,options is a big fault of the modern day civilized human.''

Education may give you information and bring you close to knowledge but the understanding,maturity,usefulness,choice,wisdom,etc.....are a far cry away many a times. 'Educational Degrees' do not make a wise human,they you  give a better chance of becoming so!

Personal urge,want,lust,hunger,selfish motive like greed,etc.... takes a human from the right path. Easy virtue makes a human weak and suspect.The so called combination of the head and heart goes haywire... Realization  is many a times too late!

A big heart and an open mind,simplicity and humility, drowning of the EGO are the tools to be a ''Happy and contented" soul. Both are not tangible but surely manageable.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hue-mans are we all ?

Hue means:- Complexion , Aspect, gradation of color ,  as The definition says.

We are a 'unique' creed. Living in harmony is misconstrued into "harm" 'Any'. The uniqueness of the Social animal with intelligence and special qualities have only made the Human feel "he" is the creator. 

Wanderer ,hunter, survivor to a civilized being has not taught the human a lot. Might is Right was only physical but Knowledge from the written word and spoken language has take the human places.....The humans knows not the limitations.

Knowledge of growing food,making tools,making things available without nomadic wandering has made the human lose his origin.Communication,Transport,after the discovery of Fire,Metal,Wheels etc... has made him go wilder than he was without these.

Making his own laws and ethics with his own rationale has made man go berserk. The sexes are thought to be ruled by him. Expecting the fact that you need 2 to complete is not in consideration.

The way he behaves ,she reacts.... it's nature's law... Humans have to bow to Nature.

Hues have overtones,undertones so do humans..... They have primary colours as well as secondary ones.....Humans has tertiary colours too..

Humans are there in a different brightness and chroma.....There chromaticity  can vary too! They have different contrasts and lightness too ....

They have different saturation points , differing values. Each with a different colouration and colouring.Their colourways are varied too!

The world all over their pigmentation changes too! so we have a varied variety of 'Hues'

Yet what ever he does is News ...but only for him !! Nature knows it all as he is her product..she is ready for this! She will react accordingly!Humans won't understand though....even if they do ...what about it? finally suffer the results of their actions and perish. Adamant and irreparable.

Hope is the only thing that keeps them going and evolving is the only what they can do.Change is the common permanent denominator ! Someday the Human will know WHY?