Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Earth Hour

I wasn't surprised....that even after so much publicity and information ,very few of us abided by the 'Earth Hour'. From 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm my mother and I switched off our entire electric supply and sat chatting in the balcony of my flat in Pune.Overlooking the Kothrud area...apart from the society immediately in front of me(Kumar Parisar)of 3 buildings, there were very very
few noticeable flats,houses or buildings,who followed the appeal.
It only proved very few turned into action the thoughts that were put in their minds.I noticed at the "Vasundhara"festival at Yeshwantrao Chavan auditorium in Kothrud,Pune, that even though after such a well organised film show and photo exhibition with lectures from selected speakers...that people actually participated in full earnest.Sad was only what I could say!
Hypocrisy prevails or rather rules!!
When will man grow in thought?I suggest to those who I feel care, reading of 2 books.....
and the other one being
I do this because these books have shown me a new way to life which I have now taken in my last leg of physical existence in this body.
Man(human Being) before some woman takes objection....should commit himself to sanity.
Peace,love,co-existence,respect,equality of opportunity what one should try and AIM.
I suggest everyone sees this video and thinks....and applies !
The Earth Hour was only for sixty minutes..believe me if there are not many more like these..
precious moments will feel like decades when the time comes....that will destruct...It really is self destruction!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Excuses for actions....

Funny,I just had a call from my daughter asking me if she could stay with her friend....Reasons being.....x,y, z. and I had a thorough laugh within me.I already had anticipated this.She is 18, not allowed to do a lot of things as she is a girl and young at that too.
It wasn't an expected answer which I gave.I said she old enough to understand what was good and bad.I also added that if she felt it was the right thing to do, to go ahead. The days asking of permission(reluctantly,but couldn't be helped) was a time that had already gone by.She is a thinking person...she plans,anticipates,shrewdly connives...What she doesn't know is my clarity of approach.
It was the day she turned 18 that I told all my kids who were 24,21&18 that, now that you have all majored as adults, you have to seek your goals and decide what you have to do and how.if during your effort I could help, I surely would.I had tried to give them all what I could that was at my disposal.
That day,I also breathed a sigh of the kids of the present do not follow principles that WE ask or think of.I only prayed to the Almighty to give them the good sense.The rest I would accept and deal with.I as a parent am very different.I never expected them to become a Doctor,Engineer,It professional etc...Money was never the criteria of achievement.Their interests and love for life was more important to me.I as a person couldn't do what i had planned or wanted and then when Dad expired LIFE was thrust on me.I learned and am happy I did the way I was given to.No regrets.
I learned from my experiences,my relatives,friends,acquaintances etc...The strongest and most difficult lessons were taught by the ones I loved most.So they are embedded deep and help me to guide others in their journey ahead.
Taken aback my daughter couldn't say anything more so the conversation ended.She had never anticipated I would say this.My sister and me were brought up with a Confidence in us by our parents.We never let them down.We never went the wrong way....I am proud of that...I pray my kids do too...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blessings of a Guru

Pundit Hariprasadji Chaurasia gave blessings to the launch of my CD "Sadguru".The presence of Shri Vishwanath Sachdev and his words of advice and good wishes were another lovely blessing of God.Singer Sudesh Bhosale,Gauri Yadwakar of Times music alongwith Tarun Pawar set a full stage for the launch.
Milind Dumbre who is a staunch follower of Swami Vikasanandji ,put up a great show.The Dalvi Sabhagruha , Goregaon,was ready with a neat stage,seating for the VIPs as well as other honoured guests.The snacks & drinks arranged by him were highly appreciated for their exquisite taste.Shawls and Shreephal(Coconuts) were alongwith rose petals and flowers for heightening the decor while honouring special dignitaries,gates at the entrance of the Building and also of the auditorium were in place.All was managed and set by Milind and his team of Rajesh and Mahesh Mishra brothers,Mr Dilipsingh Gosal(also staunch followers of Swami Vikasanandji).Goregaon is lucky to have such dedicated social workers.
The function began with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest and the dignitaries on the dias.Music director and my dear colleague Anand Modak, Singers Ravindra Sathe,Devki Pandit,
Raghunandan Panshikar,Literary personality Mr Vishwanath Sachdev,Sudesh Bhosale and Mr Narayandas Chotia (the poet and lyricist),with Times Music person Gauri Yadwadkar.
Mr. Ajay Tiwari who is a well known TV and stage personality sang the Swagat(Welcome)song.The compere Mr.Anant Shrimali who is also a poet took us through the entire function with apt comments and introductions.Mr Kailash Sainger of Navbharat Times read the message of Dr Gajanan Sharma of Indore, in which the concept of "Sadguru" as put in words by the lyricist were beautifully summarised.
MLA from Akola Mr Govardhan Sharma was one of the special guests .He had very high praises & regards for the writing of lyrics/songs by Narayandasji Chotia,who is also coincidetally his brother-in-law.Mr Pramod Bhosalé ,MD of Shivam Pariwar Developers Pvt.Ltd. came to give his good wishes. Narendra Bhide came alongwith his wife.He is the Music arranger
of the CD.Mitra Mandal of Malad who were the programme sponsorers alongwith the help of Bank Of Maharashtra arranged a good show. President of the Mandal Shri Vinayak Zagde was also present.
Songs by Devki,Ravindra and Raghunandan mesmerised the audience.Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia inaugurated the album and had very good advice for the media and the audience.
He praised the CD and gave his blessings for another such production in the future.
There was a large presence of well wishers from Pune, Akola,etc....
To name a few..Mr and Mrs Shailesh and Gauri Khandelwal with is entire family from Pune,Advocate and Tax Consultant, Mr and Mrs Nitin P Sharma too came from Pune with his parents who were celebrating their wedding anniversary.Anil Baikerikar,Makarand Vaidya,Yogesh Singhania,The Mishra Family,The Dumbre Family,Nitin Lawale, Vivek and Nilesh Chotia alongwith his wife and daughter Muskaan. Mr and Mrs Nathak came from Akola,their son accompanied them from Nasik.
The media was present with thier camera and recording crews.The Music and sound arrangements were very nice as was the ambience due to the various posters and stand-ups.

The message of Punditji was the one to be noted...he said that Such music(classical)is the culture of India which should be preserved and used for it to propogate and make it known to the world.Messages such as these are to be passed on from generation to generation and the outside world in the city streets which to him seemed like hell should be improved by humankind.An atomsphere of pure spiritual and classical music was heaven for him therefore he did not want the songs to ends and felt so nice and contented insid the auditorium. He asked the media to give more time and attention to promote and propogate this rich spiritual and classical music & culture of our Country. He gave Times Music a pat on the back for it's role and being the market leader in promoting Indian spiritual,philosophical and classical music all over the world.
This has put me on the list of Hindi Spiritual Music in India..
Producer: Chandrashekhar M Vairale .........Aren't these blessings of a Guru?