Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Year just Flew by....

2009 will be a year full of good pleasant memories and stark realities.I have grown by leaps and bounds inside,more than out side.What I mean is simple.Moneywise I am the same and so too healthwise.What I received was in depth of fulfillment.I thank who,whatever is responsible for this.
I have made great friends.I have visited ubelievable places and I have been able to help maximum souls.I do miss my father-in-law and the site died an unhappy death.I will miss them till I live.
Over the net I have mde friends from far and wide.I have to congratulate humanity at large foe a lot.I was lucky to see the internet too.It has made the entire world approachable.I couldn't have interacted and come across all these wonderful souls on EONS,,Orkut,Facebook and Myspace....Of course I continue to use MSN hotmail chat and Yahoo chat alongwith gmail and rediff bol. My net surfing has kept me sane and away from any wrong acts which I may have attempted if I had no occupation in my free time.
My family has grown worldwide as my real family is busy doing" their own thing " .This only proved to me that man made relations are artificial after all and reality is different.
I must have travelled miles and touched a lot of hearts.I was shown affection,love,care,concern by people whom I would have never dreamed would.All rules made by man have proved wrong and bared to thier selfish motives.....
Let the world move,do not make your own designs.What is to be will surely be and we might just end up as bystanders.So open your eyes and come to bare reality.Live(ride) with the tide.
Mankind saw a lot of upheaval but it only digs its grave deeper.The negatives that are happening still do not scare it and teach the right way of survival.
The children have grown and Live brings about new surprises.I live the moments as they come forth and that makes time go so quickly.I only hope I get the strength and time to do what I can best. and that is Help myself by Helping others...
Welcome, 2010!!.