Saturday, May 13, 2017

Emagine (cause it's on internet)

Oh a smile she must have
a lot of humour too
Empathy and compassion
and determination as a salve

Give and take of care and love
patience and principle be her way
friendly, helpful should her nature be
and her own personal affinity

Grey  matter there be I pray
so as not to go astray
Common sense be presently there
for life else one won't know where

A mother's heart and a wife's part
a companion for eternity
a sensible fashion without aplomb
just to make her look like a bomb

A manager to guide me and my life
a bonding human for relativity
Practical and sensitive he nature be
for,me, my family and maternity

A lover a friend an audience
a maker, an artist a performer
Hoping , wishing for a compatible mate
nothing to do with anger and hate

Responsibilities shared and ego never aired
happy go lucky be a a life that is shared
But alas hope and wish is all one can
Or else ordering on Internet would be a BAN.

~ c m vairale