Friday, May 30, 2014

Oh ,Tell me true friend

Tell me true friend
where does it end?
The family your born
the wealth you sit on
The education you get
the  friends you have met
The clothes that your wear
the style you will dare
The brands that you use
from designers who confuse?

Your parent's love and care
the actions that you stare
The literature that you read
the upbringing that you need
The language that you use
the words that you muse
The food that you eat
the rendezvous and your beat
The vehicle that you own
the comfort that you clone

The person that you marry
the people of whom you are wary
The House that you live in
the pity, luxury or sin
The places that you visit
the entries and the exit
The carpet that you walk
or the walk that you talk
The God that you pray
the atheist who has his way

The compassion that you have
the hurts & wounds that you salve
The humans that you help
the animals that you make yelp
The buildings that you build
the associations and the guild
The name and fame you're after
the fun, frolic and laughter
The Person that you show
the reality that you know ?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ushering a New government....

With every new day, a new hope arises.A lot has happened in the last 3 months and much will in the coming three.Just hope that India progresses in the right direction.

A lot many lessons were to be learnt and hopefully they would be.There is no sincerity in the 'New Politician'. Democracy was being 'redefined' by the earlier governments and so they did badly and sadly they LOST. I hope all others have GAINED from this.

It is not Power or Ownership that you MP's get, it is the chance to serve the people and their country. You have to see to the betterment of human kind and your co citizen. It is not about making personal wealth but using "people's wealth" to bring about a healthy and comfortable well being for the common man.

It is not families and relatives who should get the benefit of your representation , but the people and your constituency.Every Naya paisa has to be well spent and properly too, Responsibility and Ownership of actions is expected by your voter.Publicity and fame is your blessing for "good governance and execution''. 

You bring citizens across the country together and not spill venom so they don't. Caste Class Creed is man Made. The Land has equal ownership of all and so do the resources.The administration is paid to do work and not rob people.The police are to protect and not harm the common man.

A new team has come in but let new thoughts come in too. Education has spread and so will your Misdemeanors due to Media,Communication and Progress.People will ask questions ,so better take proper actions.The day is not far when they will come knocking at your door if you fail their vote to you. 

Times have changed,Youth are aware and no more in villages of ignorance and misinformation. Mobiles and their Sm's/Whats App can do a lot of damage even before you try to control your misdeeds.

Beware oh new Government, for you are " OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE"  

Show us that you are not a 'Moody Sar' drive well to the right destination.