Sunday, November 20, 2011

Caring Friends- Pune Chapter !

A few days ago I received a phonecall from a Pune representative of "Snehalaya" ...

The function was a get-together at the ICC Centre on Senapati Marg, MCCIA PUNE auditorium ...

To my surprise there was speakers of extreme commitment and importance.Namely...

Mr. Ramesh Kacholia, Mr. Nimesh Sumati, Mr. Girish Kulkarni, Ms Neelima Mishra,

et all........

Here is what I got to Know & what all is happening around us.....

Caring Friends !!

Starting with one person supporting one institution in 1981, caring friends is now a group of more than 300 friends from India and abroad, supporting nearly 40 institutions in 9 different States of India.

Our support can be financial or voluntary service. It is provided irrespective of caste, creed, community, religion or region. The only criteria is the quality of their work. It should really be outstanding and must help the most neglected segments of the society.

Who we are
  • We are a voluntary group of like minded and determined individuals.
  • We proactively identify outstanding but struggling humanitarian efforts, completely aligned to Gandhiji’s ‘Antodaya’ dream.
  • We carry out a due diligence and establish the bonafides.
  • We support the effort with management resources (financial, professional, technical) to ensure initial results.
  • We seek support from individuals and corporates to scale up the efforts, and provide mentorship till they are sustainable.

What we are not
  • We are not an NGO.
  • We do not have a bank account and do not accept any donations in our name.
  • We do not have any administrative overheads. All donations go directly to the NGOs.
  • We do not have any formal organizational structure and postions such as a President, Secretary, etc.

" Our sole objective is to identity and support outstanding humanitarian and comparatively little known organizations working to improve the lives of lowest strata of our society in the tribal, backward rural areas across our country" - Ramesh Kacholia,

"..We have ensured that our method of work is totally transparent. We are proactive & keep looking for truly outstanding institutions. Once we identify any such institution, we first collect all the information, & scrutinize it thoroughly, visit the institution personally & examine its work in great detail. If we find that the work is truly excellent & the institution is really in need of support, then we become closely associated with it. Before we approach anyone else to extend support to this institution, we ourselves first donate & support it. All the institutions Caring Friends is associated with are are of a very high caliber. Our greatest satisfaction is that after association of Caring Friends, the work of most of these institutions has not only expanded but the quality of work has also improved tremendously"
- Nimesh Sumati (Caring Friends)
I was floored and I was all for it. They were interested in starting a Pune Chapter, I am for it....I will be joining them soon.

Oh What a Sunday! A pleasant Surprise ! !