Sunday, July 29, 2012

It will be your turn too!

A child is born and there is celebration ,joy and a responsibility.

If you are born in a family with all the requisites for a normal life things are quite easy.If you have a good back-up like,property,salary,savings,parental support-- you are one of the very few in the world i.e. 2%. What?? Yes..... you do not value it...for it is there for you, served on a platter so to say!

When you grow along with a child who is in turn born to you.... what's your take?

When your Parents grow old ....what do you do? Do you care as much and care for them with responsibility? You grew with what they fed you, learned with the education they parted,Saw what they wished you should and couldn't on your own.Do you care for them with all their shortcomings as they cared for you? Do you help them walk as they helped you with your first steps? Do you put a smile on their face as they have striven? Please see what you do to your  kids,what your parents did for you and then what you should do for them!

Are you waiting for them (parent/s) to die? So that according to Hindu or Indian law  you will be heirs to their property and wealth?Have you tried to save and make some  wealth of your own? Are they a burden or hindrance in your lives? 

You may be in good health and relationships today but one never knows what destiny and fate has for us.Do not be too overconfident.Do not take things for granted!

One's approach to life should be all encompassing.One should feel and value his/her blessedness.Look around and you shall find!Look behind and you will appreciate.''I saw a child cry because he had no shoes,till he saw a boy without feet''.

The time,love ,energy and money your parents have spent for you is incomparable and invaluable !!Have a broad mind and a big heart.Have compassion,love,value for those who are responsible for what you are and where you are.

Greet them, meet them, care for them,put a smile on their face and pride in their eyes.Make them happy for having you as their child and blessed that they have not wronged.Did they ever say you were a burden? Did they not let you have your ways? Did they not want o see you happy and satisfied?  

What's your duty towards them? or is it only the Rights you have from them?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Baba Amte’s Inspirational quotes..

  1. I believe in leading series of Lives in one life.
  2. God brings no luck to idle hands.
  3. We utilize all sorts of wastes except waste of time.
  4. Add life to years rather than adding years to life.
  5. God gave us pain so we could feel the tenderness.
  6. Action speaks louder than words.
  7. Learn the art of living by leaping and not by limping.
  8. Love alone can resurrect a man in agony.
  9. Work builds, charity destroys.
  10. Give them a chance not charity.
  11. Happiness dies when it is not shared.
  12. The greatest joy comes in life when you invest in others.
  13. To live for others is the most fertile pleasure in the world.
  14. Let your sympathy find expression through love backed by action.
  15. Youth is he who plods through victory and defeat alike.
  16. Hope this world will listen to the deafening sound of my silence…
  17. Joy in Anandwan is more infectious than the disease itself.
  18. Anandwan-Here the memories drive through pain towards enlightenment…
  19. Anandwan-A mat spread for creative humanity in one of the darkest & loneliest corner of the globe…
  20. The smile of a man who is oppressed or a child who is suffering is what I covet more than any award.
  21. To me, God is truth & love, God is ethics & morality, God is fearlessness, God is the course of light & life & yet above & beyond, he is conscience...
  22. National integration can not be legislated through an act in parliament.
  23. Words and principles are not enough to take the place of deeds.
  24. Attempt defining both by words and deeds.
  25. Yesterday is a cancelled cheque. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is ready cash.
  26. Ration your words but nourish your deeds with dedication, determination, & devotion.
  27. The most frightening disease is not of losing your limbs, but losing your strength to feel kindness & compassion for other human beings.
  28. I have experienced the drowsiness of every autumn & passion of every spring; hence I don’t seek dust in shame and loneliness.
  29. Tree is a symbol of liberty... (A pole of liberty)... Every bird occupying its twigs is messenger of love, faith, equality, & courage & every fluttering leaf is a national flag.
  30. We can not carry the struggle of life with the voice of reason alone. Enduring reason of love must come to our struggle in the life (which requires a tender heart & tough mind.)
  31. Pledge yourself to honesty amidst the glittering nets spun around you by falsehood.
  32. You may forget with whom you laughed, but you will never forget with whom you wept.
  33. I always pledged to have more concern for others than control of others.
  34. All services to be truly effective and of permanent values must be wrought in love.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Surely Times are changing !

The happening thing in India for me is... ''Satyamevajayate'"

Justice Dharmadhikari said it all !

This topic exposes humanity at large .... all over the GLOBE !

A human is human only when he/she is qualified..... sad...self defeating!!

"We do not want to accept the real truth about us"

We have a false EGO !! We fool others and finally ourselves!

We are totally hypocritical !!!

Time will keep on proceeding .... but the Human isn't!! The human needs to look with several glasses and see the perspectives! The human needs to accept the follies! The Human needs to be all enveloping and stop being 'selfish' and 'self centered'.

I fully appreciate the work being done by Mr Amir Khan... he has shown the courage to be a true 'Human'.
( and yes,I have not been paid by anyone to say so)

Sympathy,Empathy,Brotherhood,Love,Care,Giving,Helping,and so on and so forth..... That makes us Humans or else we are just social animals, with animal instinct and selfish motive and bloated EGO !!!

Enough said.....

Times are changing,,,,,,,,,