Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reactions Extempore...

Haven't written for a long time......

Month's go by and still faster are the weeks,days,hours..... and the one says ..."life is so short"
I think we are so busy with our own calculations that we do not see what really is !!

Anecdotes,incidents,occasions,happenings carry on unfolding in front of our eyes ...and we do not give them time,attention,thought.... we are busy with machines...cellphones,laptops and desktops,TV sets, iPod,etc....

Are we living a ''Life"?

Some things which are now indisputable after my 56 yrs. ......

We are born without 'OUR OWN' control whatsoever.

Our Life is well planned, Our script pre-written,Our contacts pre-destined,Our marriage-whether or not is unknown and our relatives not in our control...

Where, what ,when ,how  etc....are intrigue and adventure ....saying that "I" can decide is always a hypothetical argument.

Real Friends are not merely - contacts, acquaintanceship,heard,seen,read about people ... they are true real 'family' and they are not by marriage...

Relatives need not always be on 'your' side. Ultimately they are 'relative'.

Love and faith are 'truly blind' and "unqualified".

Support always comes from the most unexpected and unknown.

The nearest person is the one you haven't even dreamed  of.

The 'best' moments are always a surprise.

Sad and Happy is a reference to context 'only'.

Hurt comes from the dearest and Happiness comes from the Furthest.

We always blame something rather than asking our own 'self' truly !

Addiction is our way of saying ...... nothing happens,so what,not really !

We always feel blessed at the most 'rare' moments.

"Compassion can't be learnt and neither can Empathy"

You are what you have been made,you can only do the best with what you have been given.

We cannot force a situation as we can only 'act'... reactions are not in your control...

I hope I have communicated and reached you ...those who read....and care to 'Reason'.