Friday, September 19, 2008

The Pride of Humanity lies in Maharashtra- Prakash and Mandakini Amte

Again and again in history

Some special people wake up

They have no ground in the crowd

They move to broader laws

They carry strange customs with them

and demand room for bold audacious actions

The future speaks ruthlessly through them

They change the world

A poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, quoted by Mr M S Swaminathan in the preface written to "Samidha"the biography translated in English by Professor Shobha Pawar.

No award is higher than the smile on the face that brings back the confidence and self esteem of a human who is all at Nature's mercy due to the missing love and support of his brethren.To serve is to do your duty,to share is a humans basic ethical principle.Of course when you do your duty their is reciprocal feeling and action.This keeps the human cycle going ...not material returns!!
We are God's creations and so is all that surrounds us in Nature.To care for this surrounding and to make it a pleasing experience for all is man's basic right.Both these(Right & Duty) go hand in hand.All humans are equal in the eyes of God.There is no one dearer or undeserving.To follow this basic is worship of the almighty and not show.Wearing holy clothes???whats that?..Ringing chimes and blaring praise is but show and an act to attract attention to prove your false reverence.To serve HIS creations is worship of the highest order."Work is Worship".Work is doing ''Duty"of serving your own creed as well as all living beings who live along with in
Harmony. To care for nature,it's plants,flowers and fruits...the animals who help us protect the environment.All those who need help...from plants seeds to humans...all have a basic right survive healthily.
When will we keep ourselves from false ego and false need? When will we be with Nature and not slaves to Artificial , materialistic products that lure you from a ''Proper"life. There is always a chance of failing to live up to unnatural support of Living.Man digs his own grave...he makes his own world and then falls prey to it's habit like an addiction and so spends all his life digging his own grave.He never reaches the "paradise" he hopes to ...dreaming with eyes half shut..

Here is a couple who serve those in this present times are deprived of a simple healthy life with food and education.Our own Human creed...our brothers and sisters...not having simple basic means....Lost in the crowd of Humanity...Why are we blind to all this??Have we sold our souls? Do we have no Compassion?What if we were one of them? have we considered in different perspectives? Can't we help them get Justice? How can man just throw away and disregard his/her duty to serve his OWN kind?....Surely the Alive aren't DEAD!!!!! or are we living corpses?
Wake up and value what we have been given..Learn to serve....Not all are as lucky to get a good life like yours.
Make a place for yourself, move away from the ordinary,pick up your special talent and stop being selfish!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Humans, or Ants and insects?

Watching news on TV a chill goes up my spine and I start wondering wether our feelings are finally dead? Have we become into thick skinned,heart hearted,emotionless,living organisms? The value for life and especially fellow Humans has greatly reduced. They now seem to me that they are no more than Ants or Insects......available in plenty and helpless.
Have we become God's worst creations? Do we deserve to get all that we have?
I fear....we are losing our way and digging our graves and following the road to doom!!!
Fellow Humans ! Show your inner strength and for heaven's sake use youe brains! I pray to God that Good sense comes to humanity at large.........

Monday, September 1, 2008


Too much is happening around me, but not so much about myself. The Olympics proved a lot of points and showed the world that there are a lot of competitors to be reckoned with.There is competition and challenge at every step.But I wonder if the Human understands......
Gustav and Katrina are still not enough to show man his dependency on fate and destiny.A new record, a new name...every year new never stops.....yet !!! the human has his own calculations.
Nature,Experience are there to tech but we will not learn.Is stubbornness our basic character?Don't we believe in another power but ourselves?Should we not give any value to previous warnings?Are we an adamant lot?Is our education misleading us to inflate our EGO?
The African American is now an honourable person......President or not.The women have proven equality beyond doubt about performance in all Fields.Yet I feel that the femininity of a woman has to be preserved and so also the manliness of man.
Corruption,Deceit,Misuse of power,and all the wrong logic,ideas,thinking, an inborn thing but those who have the good sense should have the courage to tell them and oppose their actions !!Illogical hunger for having,wanting,snatching,etc....greed of all kinds is surely very wrong and it should be curbed,stopped,dealt with!!!!!
We are HUMANS not Animals!!!
Why are not we behaving well and proper, why is our restraint wanting? why is our ethics going bad? why is our duty failing?Why are we such an irresponsible lot?