Monday, March 31, 2008

old age,environment,modern progress,new economy

A mixed bag of thoughts! certainly.52 isn't too old, but certainly it brings in another kind of outlook towards life.Thoughts do wander and make one think even though one is young at heart.The physical backup does falter though.
Environment sure has to be a big bother.I am into renewable energy for the last 7 years and surely envision a terrible future if we do not stop plundering Nature and misusing it for our immediate benefit.A chill runs up my spine to think of what could be!!
Progress or Regress....I stop and think.Are we going towards a good future or are we digging our own grave.Making materials that will last long and not deteriorate back to nature.Having a population with all bad habits? Making night during the day and vice versa.Growing food for animals and then devouring them to beckon the rise of heart and sugar related health problems to be solved by allopathic medicine? Making"life" easy by remote and putting on weight to be reduced by 'Paid' exercise in health clubs with personal trainers and dietitians? Cars that make an oil dependant economy?machines replacing man?computers replacing the use of our brain?
Money,Wealth,Gold,Oil etc........where is the value of Man and Humanity.Where has commune living and Barter gone.Where is the Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest?
Is it going to be "the survival of the Richest"? Is power going to be an arms race? Is Goodness going to the dogs ? Ethics+convenience?
Humanity needs to ponder.....for every Dog will see his Death !!

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