Monday, April 14, 2008

Why is China seeing Red In Tibet?

I am at a loss of the fight Humans have and their reasons for doing so.To co-exist in Harmony is probably not the law of Humans as it is of NATURE. Reds Spilling Red blood of their own Brothers. An entire National regime against one Man - The Dalai Lama ! Peace disturbed in one of the most sanctified and religious places -Tibet !
Selfishness, stubbornness, Highhandedness.....what is it? A peaceful people disturbed by an Olympic movement ? Olympics was at the fore during Hitler too and so also a subject to terrorism for a forced cause. Does a movement like Olympics which is meant to bring everyone close together need to be "used" by anyone whatsoever?
Mankind has to introspect and take a fresh look at approach of things. A host Nation needs to be serious in outlook and not act like a hypocrite. The rule of nature can't be played about with.
Are the circles of the Olympic flag opening up into Question Marks.

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