Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time to Buy shares for Indian Investors!

I am not an expert, but this is my gut feeling. If you have money to invest ,this is the time to buy good scrips in the BSE. Good shares are at nearly 50% their real value and all this is because of panic selling and fears due to increase in petroleum prices.
I know that happens many a time in life which all never imagine. The agriculturalist doesn't sow that crop which is sold lowest the earlier year, The same happens in varied fields and so will it happen to the shareholder.
The world is not ending guys!...there is a tomorrow and a brighter future for those who think with care and logic. Check with your broker friends or bankers or those who understand shares. Get the names of those companies who have good fundamentals and if you have the money , go invest in good companies.....After all...all are not going to close down..

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