Sunday, August 10, 2008

More than full marks to China

This is the way one can put all arguments and misconceptions to rest!!!...CHINA has done it with a finesse! The opening ceremony of the Olympics.....was really an eye opener for one and all who watched it.
I was .....all the adjectives in the dictionary! Dumbfounded and with tears of joy while I watched with AMAZEMENT. What the people present saw was really making me jealous to no extent.Lucky people who could see it live,in person,without media in between.I was simply envious.In fact even people with a broad mind and heart would too!!!!
I salute that country! I have friends who have been there and those who made me feel I should have a visit too! I also appreciate the "'ONE RELIGION'''' or even No religion environment!Work & progress,go together.Focus,corruption free atmosphere,single window clearance and infrastructural support lead to making of a Nation with an Ideal!!
When will we learn?The world's second largest country with a sad Olympics record, low level accredition in behaviour,cleanliness,tourist safety,sad infrastructure ,having a high corruption record, high pollution and safety record, and so much more....I do accept we do have good things but what about our shortcomings????
A parallel economy in Undeclared wealth, religious sector with it's various celebrations,mafia & bollywood films,political underhand dealings......and many more.I doubt India will even come near to the Chinese progress or economy.If it does.....I will be the happiest person on this globe.

The only country with the longest and largest communist idealism.I must say needs a bow!!

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