Monday, September 1, 2008


Too much is happening around me, but not so much about myself. The Olympics proved a lot of points and showed the world that there are a lot of competitors to be reckoned with.There is competition and challenge at every step.But I wonder if the Human understands......
Gustav and Katrina are still not enough to show man his dependency on fate and destiny.A new record, a new name...every year new never stops.....yet !!! the human has his own calculations.
Nature,Experience are there to tech but we will not learn.Is stubbornness our basic character?Don't we believe in another power but ourselves?Should we not give any value to previous warnings?Are we an adamant lot?Is our education misleading us to inflate our EGO?
The African American is now an honourable person......President or not.The women have proven equality beyond doubt about performance in all Fields.Yet I feel that the femininity of a woman has to be preserved and so also the manliness of man.
Corruption,Deceit,Misuse of power,and all the wrong logic,ideas,thinking, an inborn thing but those who have the good sense should have the courage to tell them and oppose their actions !!Illogical hunger for having,wanting,snatching,etc....greed of all kinds is surely very wrong and it should be curbed,stopped,dealt with!!!!!
We are HUMANS not Animals!!!
Why are not we behaving well and proper, why is our restraint wanting? why is our ethics going bad? why is our duty failing?Why are we such an irresponsible lot?

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