Saturday, November 22, 2008

''Amte" Baba,Vikas,Prakash, Sadhana,Bharati,Mandakini...

"Amté"(Aamtay) {difficult to pronounce properly without proper Phoenetic markings}...Is A a name synonymous to "MOVEMENT" far as I am concerned, my observations have been that ,'each' of the dedicated soul that works at "any" of the Locations of the Maharogi Seva Samiti namely:
> Anandwan
> Hemalkasa
> Somnath
> Mul Gavhan(Zari) Dist Yawatmal
> Ashokwan( Nagpur)
> Nagepalli etc.. is a part and parcel of the 'SOUL"of the MOVEMENT.
The awards given to Baba/Prakash/Mandakini.....are really those given to each and every person who is dedicatedly attached with the same 'missionary zeal'. I have seen it in each of them...whether it maybe The Driver of The Samiti's Car/Ambulanc/Bus....or the helper who aids in putting up a building in the premises,making food at the mess,selling effects made by their varied institutions or the person who keeps accounts or a member of the Anandwan orchestra...each is as responsible,dedicated and valuable as the other...
Vikas Amté and Dr Bharati Amte along with so many old war horses who run the challenging show may not be named or awarded by individual name...and this they do not mind , as long as 'Baba's goal is achieved. Humans are funny to focus on to a particular person who been given individual credit....but what they forget is the the 'Base'built since so many years of hardship and perseverance stands to commended,alongwith all involved. The network and the many hands that aid to complete the entire picture which when ready looks so beautiful...internally and visually is to be applauded.
Destiny and fate has it...Some become famous and some work behind the 'Curtain' so to speak..All do not get the limelite...but all deserve due credit and acknowledgement
....I wish if 'all those who wanted to commend this Giant effort, call on any representative of the Maharogi Sewa Samiti to Honour it'. I feel saddened that by calling only a few Famous ones amongst all for the so called 'appreciation' and try and put themselves in light. Little do they know that Much more and bigger things have been done by people who really wanted to do their bit and not for publicity or show...Trying to gain a philanthrophical name under the shadow of someone else's quite a shame."Do you look after those needy at home, to make a name?"

I write this for those souls who at whatever level do their bit with such great sincerity and are never acknowledged.The best part is even those who are so publicly commended are all so shy of what people say or do...but they have their hands full of the chief job of running so many instituions and all for "those needy, ill fated, social discards but hopeful fellow humans" who want to live a life of equal opportunity and self respect.

Enjoy everyone can....but, give this life for ' fellow humans with poverty of luck and opportunity' is no mean task!!

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