Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Understanding Divine Science - Swami Vikasanand

Lambé maharaj...Swami Vikasanand...was from Nagpur
He set up during his physical presence a number of Ashrams and had his disciples and followers out of whom He had given "Diksha" to a selected few. He was a very Well read , Knowledgeable, Intellectual, Spiritual 'Sadhak' (practitioner of spirituality).
Coming from a simple family he was an insuarance agent, he started his "Sadhana" during his later years and achieved the zenith. The "Shaktis" and the "Maha Vidyas" , Tantra, mantra, Yoga Sadhana, Music,Singing, were a way of life...Those who saw him, knew him,followed him were truly lucky. Blessed were those who could read between the lines,his messages,guidances,actions,thoughts..etc... I always wish I were there...or who knows...I may have already been with him or more so HE was already there with me..

To know about him and his teachings and work , I would recommend you to see these sites:-
and more important:-
Soon approaching is Guru Poornima
As a small contribution I have produced a Music CD for Times Music called "Sadguru".
it is the experience of a "Shishya" Shri Narayandas F Chotiya who has written it's lyrics...
They are all words and thoughts of the Guru "Swami Vikasanandji" whom we all dearly call as "Saahab". He says he has not written the words they have come to him...for he, even though being a professor of Hindi and a poet ...says something of this sort and of all things an "Aarti"
couldn't be composed by him.
The Music Director Shri Anand Modak also says somewhat the same thing....The compositions were never made by him...they came to him and surprised him like a Blast of Wind when he heard the full CD in totality. He was in tears listening to the final product !
I was a spectator and actually present proof to all the experience.I was ..what can I say..
"Blessed" to have been able to become the producer of such an amazing CD "A True Spiritual Experience"
"Sadguru" tells you about what A Guru is and What He gives to the Shishya....
It has to be heard again and again to feel the actual experience..and let the words sink in for their true meaning..
These Sites....and Sound ...will surely help you know about the Divine Science....
My Respects to Swami Vikasanand on this day of 'Ashadi Ekadashi' which coincidentally is also the birthday of My friend,philosopher and guide Mr Narayandas Chotiya who turns 65 today and his "Tithi'' and Birthday coincide.

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