Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kondee ( Dilemma)

A Marathi play which I saw along with the Music Director Anand Modak a close friend, philosopher, guide. Who coincidentally has given music to the song in the drama.”Kondee”

The germ of the play has an age old origin:- the 1882 Henrik Ibsen play, the 1989 Satyajit Ray film, see Ganashatru.

It is here that you will find a detailed explanation

This Marathi play is produced by Ms. Vishwavinayak. Written by Ashok Shahane’ , Directed by Shekhar Nawre’, Song writer Vijay Kulwekar, and the main actors are Upendra Date’, Arun Hornekar and Shekhar Nawre’.

This play was held at Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, Pune. I would like to put forward some opinions without bias …

The Production was a very good effort to make the common man aware of ‘human psychology’ in given situations due to ‘practical’ thought without ‘essence’. 1. The intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify something.2. The most important ingredient; the crucial element.3. The inherent, unchanging nature of a thing or class of things.

The play also wants to show the hypocritical and corrupt nature of the political system that they support. It is the story of one brave man's struggle to do the right thing and speak the truth in the face of extreme social intolerance.

It is true that ideas grow stale and platitudinous, but one may go one step further and say flatly that truths die. There are no absolute principles of either wisdom or morality.

This play is about strength of “One” person’s conviction and strength of truth. The Corruption of people in thought and rationality is projected through the representatives of various sectors of the society.

The Play sure needs to be seen by all Marathi Stage lovers and some thought should go into finding the true solutions for this caner of bad thought in political and social values.

Now the Critique…

The play needs to be well enacted by some characters that look a miscast. The Main Cast of: Upendra, Shekhar and Arun is a class act. The Editor is also well enacted by Abhay Kulkarni. But the others need a change of pulling up too. The sets were shaky and the sleekness was a bit inept for the asking.

Sadly, Stage, Drama, Live performances are not getting the appreciation and response ‘people’ should give. Their Importance and Effective punch is undervalued by the new generation because of other commercial offerings, as “money” in TV, Movies and all electronic media attracts a lot of viewers by just sitting at home and pressing a few buttons.. The ‘‘Real” actor is missed by many of us and ‘performances’ are unreal, dubbed or patched in by help of machines. The thrill of a live enactment and the impact of personal experience is lost.

I hope the Marathi stage survives and flourishes…only we the people can do it.

I am sure if ‘Kondee” is brushed up in the sets, recasting and re-composition of the first part of the play is done …..The play will be an effective platform to do an ‘Anna’ in the Dramatics field! It has a lot to say and ponder about!!

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