Sunday, July 8, 2012

Surely Times are changing !

The happening thing in India for me is... ''Satyamevajayate'"

Justice Dharmadhikari said it all !

This topic exposes humanity at large .... all over the GLOBE !

A human is human only when he/she is qualified..... sad...self defeating!!

"We do not want to accept the real truth about us"

We have a false EGO !! We fool others and finally ourselves!

We are totally hypocritical !!!

Time will keep on proceeding .... but the Human isn't!! The human needs to look with several glasses and see the perspectives! The human needs to accept the follies! The Human needs to be all enveloping and stop being 'selfish' and 'self centered'.

I fully appreciate the work being done by Mr Amir Khan... he has shown the courage to be a true 'Human'.
( and yes,I have not been paid by anyone to say so)

Sympathy,Empathy,Brotherhood,Love,Care,Giving,Helping,and so on and so forth..... That makes us Humans or else we are just social animals, with animal instinct and selfish motive and bloated EGO !!!

Enough said.....

Times are changing,,,,,,,,, 

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Vinay said...

yes...totally agree with you..