Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The world is in the midst of a Change..

Humans do not act like 'humans' any more.The media is becoming so insensitive too.I start with a negative thought but always positively pray for the "Good Sense" to prevail.

Countries all over are facing some crisis or the other.Political,Economical,Social etc... How has this come about? no one cares to ponder seriously.I am appalled at the reactions of various sectors of society.Our "own civil society" which doesn't seem 'civil' any more.All seem to attack or shift the blame on to someone or some thing.

Money,Religion,Caste,Economic Status,High Society,Rules,Ethics,Morals etc... all are "man made"   therefore all problems too are so.Our thinking process is all awry.We are conformists,biased,extreme,inconsiderate living beings as we grow in populations...thereby devaluing ourselves.I,Me,Us,Our....all egoistic terms..trying to 'monopolize'. All want 'Personal Possession' or ownership.This leads to surefire trouble of some kind.

We are raping everything in our possession. A strong word "rape" but so commonly and widely performed in action.The thinking Animal is at large.The Human is out to 'fail' it's creator.Therefore "change" is all around us.

All rules,ethics,regulations,cautions,Man made and Nature's laws put aside and not cared for.We have 'our own way'.The new generation is in the hands of electronic creations by 'us'.We do not blame ourselves at all...never.The Brain has vulgarly deteriorated in thoughts.

Kindness,Peaceful coexistence is slowly becoming a 'myth'.In harmony with nature is re-written as 'harm any'. Nature itself is harmed.Man arm himself with arms against fear from his own brothers and sisters. There is no charm left to life. The value of our own kind has taken a bad hit.

Where are all the 'good things' in "Life" ?

Material wealth is a bad lure.Wants and wishes are turning to demands. What is given is not appreciated.What others possess is not respected.Cynicism and hatred is spread by compulsive writing,speech and actions.The Social Animal is being killed in his own Jungle.The Jungle is turning in to a barren desert with concrete trees and the Oasis is just a painted Hoarding on the Tarred roads which do not allow Mother Earth to breathe.

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