Monday, October 19, 2015


~ C M Vairale
Ask yourself
are you representing the people?
did you win their votes "rightfully"?
Are you doing justice to your election?
are you being true to your promises?
The real,genuine,faithful answer will be NO
You want fame
you want power
you want money
you want, you will never give
the real politician doesn't talk, he/she acts!!
Fooling yourself and the people
fooling the country
fooling the cause and trust laid
fooling your own destiny
Your end will show you the right result of your deeds
You use religion and public sentiment
you use falsehood to hide your deeds
you deny justice by not fighting for it
you can back stab anyone in your path
The children and spouse will never respect you ever
Politics is not a profession
it is a self elected mission
It is a commitment to social work
It is a dedication to the Nation
Filling your coffer without anything to Offer

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