Friday, January 1, 2016

Things Happen

  Things happen,out of the blue,it is true...

The way you come to the world is a happening,
it's true,
the way you are cared for and loved is wonderful,
so new.
You are fed,,you learn to walk is all exciting,
not a clue
Growing up,talking,reading,writing,is skillful,
helpful too.

Growing up in the family is exciting
The games you play are exhilarating
Character develops like lightening
Turning an adult from a child,so enchanting

What will be one's future,what will one do,
a shot in the blue
Will you marry or not,if so with who,
a guess unknown
Will you be a parent, kids one or two,
a result due
Will you be successful,will people know you,
a doubt sown

Try hard as you might, it is but destiny
Wish and dream but alas it is fate!
You meet souls,have relations,an infinity
Live life today,Things may be late!

Things happen,don't worry,bother or stress..
for it is true !

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