Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Aadhaar card is going to make me close my Facebook account soon

I believe I was born in one of the best periods of Human existence. 1956 up to seen it ALL. From "Foot to Flight". but alas!!

I am coming under surveillance of all sorts in modern society. "Man certainly is  born free (but lives in Bondage)"  and as we progress in time we regress in thought and 'a certain few want to have a control over most'. The power of money and the control of Power is now so embedded in the human mind for " Success" So dismally unfortunate.. I, Would rather be born as a nondescript animal on Mother Earth.

Capitalism and Greed go together..... the poison of the Human race. Not that Dictatorship and inhuman communism is any better. The human race is under a "Spell". The Ethics, Morals,Reason and Logic is all wrong and leading us in to an Abyss of self destruction.... I cannot see ahead  of me, the so called " Light at the end of the Tunnel ".

Social media , Politics, Business, and so on belongs to a "Handful" all others are like ants and insects.
God and religion are manipulative tools. Dreams are hopes sold and Achievements are Targets met to be en cashed. Humans are manipulated by Psychology and games are played to entice, lure and addict.

Where is Truth and Reality ? Where is originality and Purity ? Where is Humanity?

Has Man fallen to the depths of self hype and self foolery? Is feeling, love,sensitivity,compassion,empathy etc....DEAD ??

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