Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life first punishes and then .....teaches !

India ,My country has been Independent for 60 years.....I am 51 and yet free for only 27 come? Well ,I have been married for 24 you get it? Anyway, life is the best teacher for it has a Long experience of 'TIME".There can be no better way to learn ! I have ,as must have most of you ...learnt through experience. All dream, and live...paint pictures,wish....etc. What is destined happens.....the fate you have been alloted.... it is all you are but a of many! Never sail high on an ego!!! Believe me , only experience will teach you that truth.

I have learnt it at a very young age and live happily now ,without complaints ,all thanks to my teacher"LIFE". It isn't easy but it is the truth.'Live and let live' is the motto...I would say that unless you give up your "Ego" life is going to be difficult irrespective of the material wealth you have.All claims are debatable.....more later

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