Friday, August 24, 2007

Years going by...

It only seems to the human mind that the time is passing.What really happens is emotions are felt,lived,more follow.Understanding develops as you age.Emotions grow in number with understanding.There are a number of them, rapidly increasing as one ages.A multitude of such and of course there reactions follow and keep on happening.This experience gives one the sense of Time.Time isn't a tangible or real product.It is a notion.The length of our living is unknown and therefore always an intrigue.We only seem to go after the unknown as we are made that way.How you age should be Qualitative .All humans have a reasoning sense inbuilt in them.They accordingly have their ethics,priorities,reactions,etc.....Asking from someone to do something in a particular way and react in a certain manner is fruitless.....Nothing is in your control.
As the man counts it will be 51yrs tomorrow and I am a mixed bag of emotions like all are ,trying to make sense of things around me.Living with "satisfaction"(searched for and groped around) 'happiness' relatively received and heart fully felt.The brain doesn't match the heart though.We live in a "society" and have to keep 'it" in mind.
How far and How long do I have? is the intrigue that puts a smile on your face and wrinkles on your forehead!
Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

Once you know the birth date, how to compute how old someone is?
A common belief for computer geeks is that an age is a duration.

So to my co sustaining humans......make merry and live the moment!!Adios!

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