Thursday, September 20, 2007

highway,runway,expressway or panicway ?

I was really proud when I first travelled on the Mumbai-Pune expressway.I thought my country is making great progress.Today a few years later I have to Qualify my words and thoughts. As my work makes me go a lot on tours,I am a frequent traveller on the expressway.By the shear Number of vehicles I come to know that the economy is flourishing. The more alarming rate is the increase in road vehicles sold and the number of frequent travellers.The numbers are mind boggling and almost swamping.I am afraid we are going to be swept away by the tsunami of Numbers.
We have not been able to give precedence and importance to the control of population.We have put our country in grave danger.Look at the figures of food grown and imported.At the number of mushrooming cement blocks and the absolute pitiful infrastructure.The Public Transport Systems are sheer failures and below quality.The numbers of unnecessary Bars and pubs keep on enveloping & shrouding the rational thoughts of the human race.
Too much is needed and too little is done or achieved .The alarming rate of climate change speaks of our paying a blind eye to the important things and acting deaf and dumb to the needs of reality and qualitative survival.
The illiterate and the educated are equally to be blamed.There is very little difference between either when it come s to human nature.Responsibility is abegging and so is the sense of duty.Each has to rethink of where one is really taking the country to? The politicians are a sad story themselves.The education and administrative system is going so corrupt.All needs to be changed and need to introspect very urgently.
To me the Reality is going to surface a lot of Lacunae and expose man's vulnerability to uncontrolled progress and living.

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