Saturday, September 22, 2007

The art of saving has to be learnt from our fourfathers

The new Man/woman is leading a life of peril if he rests his needs and solves woes by the use of the Plastic money.Credit cards or debit cards teach you and help you to spend.That too in advance. Use now and pay later is a dangerous way to live,Do not put your heirs in a situation of debt and rob the love from you after your depart.
Wise spending,limited and necessary expenses,justified buying all have to be metered.The art of keeping something back for emergency.There is health too! Unknown happenings,demands,dues can crop up anytime putting you in a spot.Begging and borrowing from friends ,kith and kin is shameful.Popularity can really take a dip if the lenders come knocking at your door.Public censure and lifted eyebrows are a sorry sight.Be safe than sorry the saying goes and believe me all the sayings come from experiences of the people from the past.Our ancestors,old wise men/women have set some learnt rules try and follow them for your own good.
I know YOU earn so you can SPEND as you like.I will not take that right from you and no one can.The LURE of spending is put in your head and the carrot is dangled in front of you for the lenders are going to earn from you.You will earn FIRST to pay their interest,then the actually sum and then only will be any leftovers.......if possible.
Think Guys n is wonderful, all at a stroke!...Earning is is bit by bit?

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