Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Of Human Nature

Time and again in my life I feel both happy and frightened when I go away from an association.Man is totally made according to the genetic make up in him and no one knows what will be of him/her. All siblings born to common parents turn out differently.Each distinct from the other.I fee I too have been made to help and aid humans who come into my life by some default.Every time I have helped each of them and seen them to their road of success, I have felt happy but also frightened. Why ? I do not know. Finally The 'truth' in me prevails and then I am at peace.I probably thing it is the fear of their failure that I might be blamed for helping them wrongly, but each time I have been proved that I have been a positive thing in their life.Seeing them grow only makes me more confident of helping others, but who they will be isn't in my hands.It is only by gut feeling and happenstance provided by fate and destiny.
I can never work Under someone as a paid person.I have to be independent of ideas of bondage, The commitment is always mine and the seriousness and the depth should be in the person whom I help due to love and emotion or compassion.I can't be forced,bought,enslaved but I may do whatever 'myself ' if and when the time comes.This has been my past and maybe the same may continue in future.Doing good and being good is the ultimate "life" for me.God means love and in work I find my penance.

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