Friday, June 27, 2008

Winds of Change !

A look at the world senario tells you promptly ,the importance Humans have given to the priorities they would like to follow!1) Money/Wealth2) Power3) Oil4) Water5) Food6) Freedom7) Disaster management8) Fashion9) Technology10) Entertainment11)Human Rights... Sadly very low are the priority of Environment,Nature preservation and Pollution Control.
Where is Man heading and is it progress of Regress?What are UNO and WHO doing?Is man so shameless that he pays a blind eye to the major priorities of Survival and "LIFE"?
I think the new generation should take note of this, as Literature,Education of the right type Love for the right things, Music,Arts,Crafts,Poetry,is so waning away...that we might lose important heritage and soon the extinction of much more valuable "LIFE" treasures will be imminent.
I always ponder over these lines of the wise and powerful Guru Vikasanandji!" LIFE is LOST in LIVING , LIVING is LOST in LIVELIHOOD "WE as humans who have travelled 84 lakhs Yonis to be born as a Human Being should feel so blessed that we should learn how to lead "LIFE" and not to waste it injust LIVING or go in to the clockwork like monotony and fall into the endless struggle for earning your "LIVELIHOOD"
A fresh look has to be taken by all growing up humans.What does he need to do to enjoy this blessing of LIFE given to us by the Creator...whatever name he/she may call it by with what ever faith/religion.It should not be that at the end of your days on this planet one should feel depressed and become sad by thinking of what one has done ,that was futile....and while doing so ,forgotten to LIVE....LIFE !!

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