Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Earth Hour

I wasn't surprised....that even after so much publicity and information ,very few of us abided by the 'Earth Hour'. From 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm my mother and I switched off our entire electric supply and sat chatting in the balcony of my flat in Pune.Overlooking the Kothrud area...apart from the society immediately in front of me(Kumar Parisar)of 3 buildings, there were very very
few noticeable flats,houses or buildings,who followed the appeal.
It only proved very few turned into action the thoughts that were put in their minds.I noticed at the "Vasundhara"festival at Yeshwantrao Chavan auditorium in Kothrud,Pune, that even though after such a well organised film show and photo exhibition with lectures from selected speakers...that people actually participated in full earnest.Sad was only what I could say!
Hypocrisy prevails or rather rules!!
When will man grow in thought?I suggest to those who I feel care, reading of 2 books.....
and the other one being
I do this because these books have shown me a new way to life which I have now taken in my last leg of physical existence in this body.
Man(human Being) before some woman takes objection....should commit himself to sanity.
Peace,love,co-existence,respect,equality of opportunity what one should try and AIM.
I suggest everyone sees this video and thinks....and applies !
The Earth Hour was only for sixty minutes..believe me if there are not many more like these..
precious moments will feel like decades when the time comes....that will destruct...It really is self destruction!!!

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