Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Man and his actions

Knowing everything and with full awareness of the 'consequences the 'Human' challenges the Creator and the Future.Posterity is conveniently forgotten and 'self' is all that matters.
How the Earth was created may e still a mystery but What it(Earth) is made of is 'Knowledge'.Yet to draw Gases,oil,ores etc... from it's belly is to use 'Resources' and invent things like 'Fuels' Great achievement!!
So now we have Global warming,Shifting of Earths plates,Quakes,Tsunamis and also what man has discovered and used to his convenience (Atom) Nuclear melt down...what a laugh!
Natural disasters? or Man made ? I wonder!!
Speed,All ,everything,fast and early! are we not going wrong? the human species has to give it a thought to last longer and more safely!
Industrialisation! Money!,real estate,precious metals(what about lives),Power,avarice,want ,want ,want, now like a dog running away from fear...pant,pant,pant,

Of what use is our previous generation/s? knowledge put in print by our forefathers?Philosophy and understanding of the great thinkers,saints and seers? I feel so sad for the Human who doesn't think of the repercussion of his Actions!!


Naina Sethi said...

So do I! We must be responsible.

Anonymous said...

s really...........

Nil Naik said...

s really............