Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On Fate and Destiny

It was my 'Fate' I was born to x and y parents in --- country in a economically --- family, so on and so forth.
I was Destined to get xxx and yyy therefore so on and so forth..

So many may be 'fated' with similar things but the 'destiny 'of chosen ones could be different. 4-5 children fated to be born in the same circumstances to the same parents but may have different Destinies...
A teacher teaches the same thing to so many students so by their 'Fate' all the students are in the same class but all the children are 'destined' to be something/someone different.

How ,Why,When,Where,Which, etc.. are questions which can be Hypothetically answered and analysed but at that moment are anyone's guess.

Planning,dreaming,calculating,are methods to get the best out of the given situation but the results are only probabilities.Education and awareness along with experience or guidance does help to ease the process but not necessarily give the desired result.

Fate is unknown and so is Destiny. Human EGO comes as a hindrance to live and accept 'Nature' The Human Blames because he/she cannot fathom.Life is simple but one needs to observe 'Nature at work' first. Peace and Harmony are the Key.

If one lives with acceptance and learns to appreciate what he/she has got them LIFE become such a 'gift'.

If you are 'Fated' to read and understand this...

your Destiny may be different.....

love and Peace to all!!

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