Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Feedback to Star News

Watching Star News in Hindi on TV was a consolation of sorts! The frustration and anger of the time,money,energy,resources spent on trivial topics was put aside by the program on Anna Hazare !
I am not talking about glorifying Anna Hazare as a person/individual but about putting in front of the people of India, an Idol...whosoever it may be...Showing the way and trying to sow the seed of "good and proper" thought in the minds of the viewer of Star News.
"Lead by Example" an act to be performed by every concerned politician...'Grassroots' are not just for being eaten and hibernated but to be got energy from and "pay forward" to society and it's people who have elected and selected you to represent them to 'solve' and 'address' their problems by getting practical and real solutions".
I feel Star TV should be a STAR and lead by shining rightly and showing people how to solve rather than Show what the problems are!!!! Exposing and bringing a problem to light is easy but to do the bitter part of giving a solution would be always greatly appreciated.
Please carry on your support for the' Good Doers' and join in getting 'Dua' rather than just going for 'Rupiya'.
I am a small person not capable of advising but can only pray,plead and humbly ask for your support for the betterment of man,mankind,society and the institutions he has made....
Star news Zindabad!

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